Naked players cheating?

On 1092 all the chinese from the two big clans on this server in europe are always runningn around naked, sometimes with a gas mask visible.

Is there some cheat going on here? They seem to take damage as if they had armor, they seem to have heat resistance as if they have armor and they seem to run out of stamina as if they have armor. When I killed one he didn’t have armor, only the gas mask.

Can somebody explain this to me?

The Chinese do this in every game. They just swarm with a lot of them naked like they are ants part of a hive mind. There will be 1 fully equipped leader among them that usually has the aimbot or some cheat. Destroy that one to sever the connection to the hive.

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In all cases of griefing, harrassment, use the FunCom link: Harassment and Griefing Issues

There are a LOT of such reports in there so I would not panic if I did not get an instant response.

If the griefing gets intolerable, you can check reviews and maybe find more friendlier Official servers to play on. You obviously can also look at private servers as they tend to be easier to moderate by local Admin players.

I’m trying to find out how and if this is cheating or if I need to git gud. I was ambushed by one of them in new asagard and I quickly ran out of heals, he looked naked so I ran into the ice spire chasm but I was followed there. I lost him by running between teh legs of one of the rockslides, but he followed me into extreme cold naked AND he couldn’t catch me despite me having medium armor and 50%+ encumberence.

That sounds weird as you are on an official server, which implies no mods at all. IIf no mods then they should get frostbitten and so if no mods then I would think it’s something to report via the FunCom Exploit/Griefing link they provide

If I can’t prove it (no video) and I don’t know what they are doing then the report does nothing.

Well that is true. Alternate server time then. Check out reviews or just pop into several till you find one that does not have the idiots on and you should be sorted. Or go to a private hosted server, PvP or PvE as they are usually actively Admin moderated

It is possible they were running 1 str, 3 agi (160 armor???),3 vit(regen),0 acc,1 grit(hence the stam outs),1 enc, and 4 survival (ignore debuffs, and minimizes temp effects) with eating the 5 different fish. Did they have icons above their health bars?

perhaps… he did have 3 heals going after I whalloped him with half a light combo from my dragon bone maul. I had to skidaddle because I only had 3 haunches in my bar at the time and had aggroed a local wolf.

He had more than just he healing icons… but I don’t remember which.

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