Suspected cheating on official sever on PC


Hi guys!

Well, me and my buddy are baffled. We are playing for a very long time, only on one official server. Then from nowhere, 3 guys show up, already lvl 60. It’s no big deal. We never saw them before (we are on this server for about 6 months now).

I checked them on a site called BattleMetrics, and it shows, they wasn’t on this server for 2 months, before they came back on last friday. In 3 days, (about 40 hours of play) they managed to destroy our main base. Black ice renforced everything, dozens of T3 thralls everywhere, about 50-70 animals. Everything is gone.

Don’t you starve to death if you don’t log in for two months? Also, your building collapses in 2 months. How is it possible, to start from nowhere, even with lvl. 60, get hundreds of explosives, orbs and jars? Is it even possible? The three players played for about 30 hours total in the weekend. And yesterday they destroyed everything in one hour.

Thanks in advance.

There are several places where you can hide loot. Just relog from time to time to keep it from decaying.

Or they used another clan e.g. took their resources to raid you.

Everything is possible.

I know you have to relog, but they didn’t log in for 2 months. Doesn’t it decay in two months?

It does, and yes, your description matches the cheating suspection, clearly they did dupe like crazy, unfortunately this is still a thing and drive ppl away from the game.

battlemetrics doesn’t record short online times. i have tested. i made a char on a server, logged in, checked the settings and logged out. there was no record of me being there. this long you need to refresh.

Thank you very much, this is what probably happened.

Probably not a cheat, just people that used to play on that server. If you don’t login for a few weeks, your body will despawn, but when you log back in you’ll still be where you logged out at, with everything in your inventory. So if you need to take a break from the game for whatever reason, just load your body up with gear/resources from your base, and go hide somewhere high/out of the way. When you’re ready to come back you’ll have everything you’ve saved.


This ^ 45 inventory spots can hold over 500 bombs. Now if they summoned an avatar with no t3 shrines on the board (anyone’s) then they cheated.

ADDED: People could have quit playing a year ago with full bodies and then decided to give it one last hooray, unlucky you

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