Duper/cheater active on official 1800

Player name Baezil on official server 1800 has allegedly been caught duping T3 foundations by several players, and accused of far worse. It’s hard to sift through the real accusations, and people crying because they suck, but 2 accusations that come up literally daily are wall glitching to get into peoples’ locked down bases and stealing their ■■■■, and duping bombs/T3 building pieces. He’s in a clan of 3 people, 2 of which are on for under an hour a day. He spends literally every second online griefing people, yet still has the time to build massive T3 structures, a hundred vaults, 2 map rooms per biome, and more bombs than any other 5 people can keep up with. It’s pretty easy to see he’s cheating in some regard, and it’d be really nice for a dev to step in and take a peek. He’s got entire clans leaving the server in swaths, one group of 10 I know for sure switched games entirely, so that’s even taking away from the game. I was the victim of all of my stuff being stolen without any damage once a week into release, then again last night. Locked chests were stolen out of, thralls gone, no damage done. My other bases weren’t hit, so it wasn’t just a random disappearance glitch.

Someone please help. Just go look, it shouldn’t be hard to see evidence of tampering.

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