Cheater on server

We have a cheater on our official pvp server, he loot through walls and doors with no destroying. He bugs in bases an killed our clan member in a skybase. Pls bann such people they destroy the game.

Is there any way to report this people? this player stealing from every clan through walls. (no windows, no workbench in the wall or other holes to grab through)

More or less a known bug. Make 2 foundations big walls. Not one…

I don’t know of an official place to report, but you can contact anyone on the @community team to help. You’ll need screenshots of some type of evidence though. And be forewarned, you may get the line about ‘traditional MMO support’ something or other. :crazy_face:

You can read about griefing/harrassment at this link.

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if you found an Exploit please use this Form. (Source)

If you have Problems with Griefing and Herrasment here you found the latest Information from Funcom.

and a replay from a Member from the Community Support

If you need more assistance please DM @Ignasis or @Hugo