Cheater on Official server #1149?

Can anyone explain to me how we could lose all our items (in forge / tanner /
foundry and all artisants thrall) but no items in the locked chests plz ?

We are in a locked base, safe because completely closed !

No structure is damaged how can this happen ?

A cheater or a bug ?

I had read somewhere that there was a cheat to loot the resources of the players through the walls…

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It would feel like many clans are victims of the same ghost steals on our server … Always with normally no means of entry without destruction.

Funcom plz help

It could either be your items disapeared - which happend to me before or/ and someone looted it through the walls. Yes this bug is still there sadly. Hopefully in time it will get fixed. Make sure your stations are not on the walls in the mean time and if they are, place something between stations and wall so wall looters don’t have a Chance.

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