Hacked on official pvp server 1306

Me and 2 other clans lost everything in our base, all walls,doors still intact,only dmg on foundations inside the base, all chests are blown.Event log dont say any name just" [ ] " . 100++hours of farming wasted , exactly the same happen on Isle of siptha server 6003. Whats the point using weeks on securing the base when cheaters hacking mine and others base every time…

Sounds like it could have been a ninja raid. They may have simply snuck in while the door was open (assuming you have a door). Some players go so far as to dress like a thrall so they can blend in better.

i have 20 doors so no one could have snuck in. I also got drawbridge in the front and im always checking around me before opening the doors.

Hmmm. Sounds like a ninja raid would be pretty hard to pull off.

I moved servers to 6401, had all of our benches etc wiped. The raiders claimed “you left your door open” but we were hitting vaults for the 20mins at the time of the raid…so it was a bit of a “logs dont lie moment”

Closer inspection:

All i’m saying is… you got dunked by a cheater…and it sucks so bad. Espec as you say, you put the honest time in and they just can delete you in under 20mins.

Atm, i’d say “Prove it wasn’t cheaters” now vs “prove it is cheaters” as apparently cheating on official servers is a sport as once they’ve learned Funcom aren’t interested in getting involved, its open season sadly :confused:

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Can i ask where your base was on 1306?

K7 under temple near the river

Is it possible that they could’ve climbed over your walls using a nearby terrain piece, or maybe climbing on top of each other (apparently that’s possible too)?

Seems like undermeshers got you good. Its pretty easy for them too raid you from underneath your base. Thats why you only lost foundations. There is nothing you can do about it, except reporting them. But even then its unclear, if they get banned.

If you want to avoid things like that don´t play on official servers. Try to find a private server that runs the pipi mode and has active admins. Don´t waste your time on a non moderated server.


I used to disagree with the private server as the answer, but @Hel is right… i’ve been on now 4-5 official servers in 30 days and all of them had meshers on them.

You get to a point where you just throw in the towel and go the private route. Downside is the population can be very fragmented this way :confused: :worried:

The Eastern Barracks you are referring to can be glitched inside (people can get into the mesh). You are supposed to not rely on the natural terrain only if you build inside these kind of structures. The same is the case for locations like the keyhole, the deserter´s gutter, priestking´s retreat, the watcher and so on. You should enclose those structures to have additional security against meshers.

Glitchers are a pest on official servers, but if the server is not too crowded, you can try to identify the cheaters and fight them in alliance with other legit players.

I don´t support the constant call to go on private servers that some repeat over and over again. This is a possible alternative, but it has other letdowns. I am playing on an offcial for over two years now, btw.

hi thx for the info. Can they mesh under my base and use explosive to damage the floor and then just climb up again ?

inside my base i got a area without foundations where i got fishtraps , they must have meshed up from there.

thanks i will try to enclose the hole structure and raise the floor as you told and hope that will fix this problem. No point playing the game if cheaters steal 2weeks of hard grinding in 20min…

i will answer this in pm.
Also the use of vaults is a good conter to glitchers…

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