Hacker on official server #1100 PVP

I logged in today onto official server 1100. After logging off in the safety of my base and not played on this server for 24 hours, I logged back in a dungeon on the opposite side of the map, naked and without a bed. I eventually got back to my base and checked the event report. Apparently, while I was offline, I dismantled walls and foundations, essentially letting players into my base, they then proceeded to rob me blind. Its a shame, there was a nice community on that server that I was building relationships with and now I have to leave the server because a clan of 1-2 players can raid by hacking, controlling other player’s accounts, to delete their own base so they can let themselves in. Then they leave you in the middle of nowhere for a joke.

Has anyone else had something similar happen to them?

The event log showed that you dismantled things?

Sounds like someone logged into your account and played with it.

Maybe your Steam account got hacked. Or you forgot to logout from your PC and your little bro or wife or whatever tried to do a prank on you.

I suggest changing your Steam password and adding 2-factor auth to your account.

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