Is this any kind of hack?

Yesterday i logged out in my base main room, today i logged in and i was at the same apot, naked, it s a base in the heights, some guy thst nobody in my server has never seen took it, his name is kawasaki, i could see it in the log, he also took some stuff from benches, hoe can this happen? I spend lots of hours playing, if this keeps happening i will quit the game, it s offficial server 3037

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Are you French?

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Is it a PVE or a PVE-C server? Also, can you post a screenshot of your event log?

Did you by any chance create a clan right before this happened?

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Avoid placing benches or logging out around the edges of your base. If you like organizing in a way that does, make sure to place a secondary line of ‘honeycombing’ around the edge of the base to avoid accidentally poking a corner or leg out and being lootable. Same is true for using pillars and having spaces beneath floors, sometimes your models will stick out and be lootable.

If your base was not full enclosed, then that’s on you. Height alone is not enough, people will climb up and find you. Multiple levels of anti-climb are necessary.

New user, can t upload a picture, but i was deep in my base, not on the edge, there s no windows, he also took stuff from a couple workbenches, never seen this guy on the server, his name is kawasaki, could it be because of the long time despawn for him?

Asking the real questions here @stelagel!

(Why tho…)

Because it happens to play pvp on private French servers, since the clan members are from France and Belgium. I say it a lot and i’ll say it once more, the only reason i play pvp is theese persons. They gave me another visual of this game and i make them understand the power that pve behavior has in this game. In the past i’ve met to many times this kawasaki nick name in French pvp servers. He was always the same person. That’s why i ask. If @TheEmiLiNaToR is playing pvp , it is very possible that we speak about the same person. If we speak about the same person, then i have to inform you that he is a very skilled player player and a very good person. Once, his skills, was the reason for me to start a complaint to the servers admin. I was really sure that he hacked. Later on i realized that my team mates left a spot without fence, so i felt like a fool and i started to apologize for my behavior. And ofcurce i arrange a meeting with the thief, because i am a pve player, and i gave him things that he needed weeks to farm :joy::joy::joy:. One small example and i’ll close, yesterday my team, decided to start in a new private server. Three of us, about lvl 30, without a follower, capture :
Godrath the oath breaker, Cimmerian berseker and a fleshtearer from volcano. We died 50 times :joy::joy: to make it, but still if this isn’t fun then what is?


It’ s an alpha base, not a little house, this happened deep inside the base, there is no way he could do it legally, the only thing could be despawn after sometime in the same spot and now respawning there, if not, he hacked. Can any admin check this please?

He may have had a base in that spot before … I logged into a server the other day that I had not been on for a while and I was in someone’s base …

Probably why he only looted you and your benches


There is an exploit with a spear (I believe) that will allow a player to open an inventory (crafting station, player or unlocked chests) through a wall. It has been around forever. If you log out close to the wall you are susceptible. This is why I place foundations around my walls, the thickness prevents the exploit.


The only detail remains is that i play on ps4 and the player i speak is playing the same. So if you speak about pc or x box then we speak about different things and different person. I am not sure, but I ’ ve heard complaints about hackers on pc, if this rumor is true then it is awful. Hacks are not cool :-1:. Still @TINK gave you a scenario that is possible. To be honest i don’t know, ps4 has no mods and it s… s, still knowing it is safe from hacks, gives you a good reason to play there. But i wish we had anything that pc has, without the hacks ofcurse :joy::joy::joy:.

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Great observations from both of you! I think I need to make a PSA video about this issue: I jacked back into my old server the other day by accident, and popped up in the middle of a guy’s Bug Soup bowl. :crossed_swords::drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood:

Everybody has been gentle with their descriptions of exploits so far, and that is commendable. My hope is we’ll remain vague and amiable. :smiley:


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