Possible exploit?


I just defended against a raid on an official pvp server. After logging off when the building damage timer was up, my enemies somehow still got in my base and took some loot that wasn’t properly secured since I had to log off in a rush.

Here’s a basic layout of my base. It’s surrounded by two walls, separated by two foundations’ lengths with no ceiling tiles connecting them on top. Both walls have completely attached spiked fences on top making traditional climbing impossible obviously. After verifying that both walls were secure, I logged off thinking I was safe.

Not only did they get in somehow they also got back out with my loot I stole from them in their siege, as well as my thralls on the wheel that’s exposed. Is there any sort of exploit anyone knows of on ps4 that would allow players to get in and out of this base freely? I’m new to pvp, but i’m pretty sure it’s conventionally impossible to do what they just did.

Is there any landscape feature near your base from where they could jump in?

Both have been blocked off with structures, even if they did find a way to somehow jump in, I can’t figure out how they climbed out.

This issue may be related to


I was thinking the same exact thing

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