Please suspend Emotes till fix

4th attack/ unlimited stamina can be started by using certain Emote.

Can go through Doors/Walls with certain emotes and loot someone else base.

As a player from pvp servers I recommend do same to emotes as you did with avatars and cancel them till a fix.

This is ruining the fun of pvp just because of stupid things.


Hey @Maloeiro

We’ll have more news about this soon.

don’t know whats up with emotes… but for love of Crom - do not disable it for single player… love my emotes! :slight_smile:

as much as i hate to say it if emotes are causing an issue i’m all for disabling them. As with gods, i would like to see them fixed in one form or another, but emotes aren’t a game killing thing to remove so it would’t be horrible to see go for a temporary fix, i’d rather not because emotes are a fun thing to play with but they aren’t game breaking so hopefully we can get a quick fix

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For RP servers (and partially for PvE too) the emotes are a main feature though. So flat out disabling them would alienate a big part of their player base. PvP exploits are just that… exploits, that should be fixed specifically. I am pretty sure that taking away the emote feature for private servers would kill the game in the long run (people will leave and not return)

hrm, weight of complaint, lemme think…

1.) I can’t hug my friend or wave hey. My war dance is scary and I like the screaming.

2.) I see people laying down and chasing me across the map. When they hit me it is applies all the buffed damage of a 4th hit on a combo with EVERY SWING. And unless I cancel actions and glitch with emotes also, I can’t engage in a semi-level fight.

@Ranson and yet we have the family share discussion. We can’t keep disabling every single feature simply because pvpers found a way to abuse it.


Maybe Funcom should just disable the PvP. lol


Maloeiro calling fair play? Ooohhh great news :slight_smile:

temporarily disabling someone’s ability to play the game is a little different than not letting them use a social feature until they figure out how to correct.

Hey everybody,

We apologize for the frustration some players may be causing while abusing game systems, and we’re actively working to fix those exploits.
However, we’ll ask all of you to keep our community guidelines in mind and be respectful to each other while in our community.
We’ll proceed to close this thread as it has unsurprisingly derailed into some players beefing with each other. We would like to again remind you that we’re not ignoring the topic originally reported.

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