Emote animation bugs

Mode: Singleplayer

Bug: Emote cancelling

When you use the sit down emote for example you could press (I think it was) block and your character would stand up using an animation. This has been broken since a few builds back. It’s even broken in the current live build. Now your character just snaps into a block.

Mode: Singleplayer

Bug: Sitting animation loop

This is just cosmetic but the sitting loop has your character jerking when it loops. This is because the start and end frames aren’t identical thus the character snaps into the starting frame when the animation loops.

It would be great if you could fix this!

So, I found out that you can cancel any emote using the quickslot keys (1-8). But when stopping the sit and sleep emotes the character’s legs are spasming out. I guess the Inverse Kinematics don’t play nice.