There is no transition in the animation of emotions

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance | Misc
Region: [Europe]
When I use the relaxation animations, such as sleeping, or resting, as well as the “surrender” animations, I have to use the attack or dodge buttons to remove the animation. should have a time or have a transition from when the character moves back to its original state

Repro steps:
1.Use emotions
2. Select Surrender, or Sleep
3.It is done.

After not seeing any response to this post, and as it has happened to me more times I have captured a video to show my problem.

It’s too ridiculous

It is funny though, especially “surrender” you can crouch, stand while surrendering. I haven’t tried crouch/stand with any other emotions, doesn’t that work? Pressing Y to stand etc?

This bug works almost on all emotions except resting. Even so, the transition is abrupt, and in some there should be a beginning and ending timer, such as pointing out

It’s funny to see how my exile is crossed arms and crouched.

I don’t think this is a bug as much as it’s just the way emotes are supposed to work. Some are poses and some are just regular emotes. There should be a cancel emote functionality though, for sure. Especially since oftentimes other players will still be stuck in the emote on my screen (and vice versa) after thinking it was canceled, resulting in the character moving around in an incredibly funny but extremely out of place fashion.