Dancer not fighting any updates?

Any updates on the Dancers that stop fighting? Crazy that this is still a bug. I have seen lots of old threads on this but Dancers still go passive and will not equip weapons? They more or less go back to normal after a server restart. I have been careful not to fill their inventory leaving one slot open. Dancer will be doing great for a while and then without fail and seemingly at random the bug just comes back and they stop fighting.

So it seems to be an issue of them putting the weapon away to start dancing. Could we maybe have a manual mode to turn on or off dance mode? Any work arrounds?

The only option most of us beg these years is to dance the dance we want them to dance :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: . I never lvl up my dancers and I always command them to attack nothing even in PvP . Still this doesn’t make less to the problem you just said , if it is a bug take it to the bug section because they are fighters too and it must be fixed .

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Ah OK still the same as it has always been then… lol

@paradat ,You know , the only way to prioritize a company a job is the complaints of the costumers . Before the global financial crisis of 2009 , I was running a small plumbing business , no matter the program I 've scheduled when a costumer complaining I had to change my program , except if I already had a lot of distance from the problem and my employers already started working . So keep reporting and the problems will be fixed . Believe me the last 16 months in this forum I’ve seen a lot of changes on the game by people’s complaints :wink: .

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