Please help Dancer glitch

So, probably very common to all of you, the bug where ur follower does not attack anymore and runs to enemy fist up. I have it on fighter and archer some time but they usualy manage to get out of it after some new enemy or gear swap.

However with dancer this is way more severe.

When they get glitched there is absolutely nothing that gets them out of there, they just dance or try to stare the enemy down behind their fists.

So everytime it happens the only solution is to wait for server restart and I really fed up with traveling to leveling location, then after first few enemies dancer bugs and I have to go back to base and just do something else I guess.

Anyone found solution for this? Official pvp

@Wak4863 made a video to help you:

Are you doing any weapon swaps? I have not looked at dancers in particular could be something else entirely, but if you are doing weapon swaps then that would explain the issue.

@Wak4863 I think your video is great and it can be a help for sure but wow but it really shows just how much work Funcom needs to do to fix these thralls.

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Yes I saw that video on another thread or when looking for solution, just it does not work on dancer sadly. Somehow it is coded different and the probably the dancing messes with fighting…

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