Dancers are useless/glitched -> suiciding

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  1. Put any dancer on follow
  2. Go to level/fight any enemy
  3. Sometimes with the common bugs(weapon swap/deaggro enemy) I avoid at all cost!
  4. Gets glitched anyway after killing enemy for zero reason
  5. Does not fight whatever trick u try (that work on fighter/archer), will run into battle fists up anyway and suiciding if u don’t be careful
  6. Server restart only solution currently
  7. Come back next day for another half level
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I did not spend much time leveling dancers, but I did bring 3 named (from southern regions) to levels about 5 (give or take). Personally I did notice lower base damage than t4 fighters of that region (go figure :thinking:) and the usuall thrall glitches (swapping weapons ect.), but nothing that would point to “dancers are glitched”.

For the record, no explicit testing on my part, just observations while “using” different thalls.

I did see a t4 dancer (on my follow) almost (I added like 3 strikes) solo a black rhino no problem while level 3 (endgame armor and weapon). Took obviously longler than it would with Spinas, but he got the job done.

Useless for combat maybe, but for all intents and purposes, they are Dancers(!). They dance, entertain. Main ingame purpose: remove corruption and increase HP regen.

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As Meo said, my dancers are for dancing. Since they cannot be healed with arrows, I let them dance without any leveling at all.

If anything ‘bugs’ me, it’s that they run to fight and take their sweet time returning to where I want them dancing.



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So let’s say you have a pretty small cramped farmbase, with place for 3 thralls of which u want 1 to be a dancer. Just not level up 33%of the defense? Buy a car and never drive it? Jim man, u a man of culture probably, tiping ur fedora as u place ur DD lvl 0 dancers on ur double bed and strip them. Congratz on ur wasted thrall spot.

Join the “Already Quitted Conan Club Since Movement Patch Club”.

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If a dancer is 33% of your defense, you have a lot worse problems than it not being leveled. :rofl:

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Also have the same problem. My Lianelee was my best fighter, better than my cimmerian berserkers and dalinsia. And then she killed herself. Same happened for a tier 3 dancer. She was just dancing still and then I got the notice that she died. Couldn’t even find the body or loot where she was.

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level up “Luba the Luscious” to lvl10. Confirm dancer are broken when following.
Afer some time he stop fighting only server restart fix this.

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Hey there,

We’ll send note to our team about dancers being more focused on dancing than on fighting when assigned as followers.

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My dancers is set on foundations, with a bow.

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