My Dancers Aint Dancing!

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My dancers arent dancing anymore! What happened!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Turn on game
  2. Be upset

We have a bug report written on our end that sometimes dancers will stop after a server restart. Is that when they stopped dancing for you?

Thats what it looks like. I’ve tried moving them but that didn’t help. They’ve been standing rather than dancing for about two days now if that helps.


Hmmm do you at very least get the entertained buff even though they’re not dancing?

Yep, I’m still getting the buff! The only thing that is changed is they’re animation. They stand ready to fight rather than dancing

Give them weapons or a torch

Ill give it a shot!

@Spynosaur_Nicole my dancers arent dancing, but the other dancers in the world are. Lol oh well

I tried giving them torches and weapons but it didn’t do anything. It’s not a gamebreaker, but there’s what I’ve got lol.

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Had this problem on pc, set them to follow and moved them around a bit then they started dancing again.

So we were able to get this fixed for PC that’s on the TestLive servers. I’m thinking that when we move this build over live it should be fixed for ya’ll too.
But if not, PLEASE let me know! Or update this thread. I don’t think we have a set date still when we’ll be updating.

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Thanks, you’re the best!

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My dancers are indeed dancing again!

Yaaaaaay!! Thanks a lot for the update! :smiley:

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