Dancers forgot how to dance

Game mode: [ Select one: Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Region: [ North America ]
Hardware: [ PS5, Non-digital ]

Bug Description:

First, I would like say that I am pleased with update 1.73. It seems to have fixed a lot of the really bad bugs that were giving me fits, and hasn’t introduced any new, equally bad, or worse, bugs in their place, at least for me. Now, that said, some of the dancers seem to have unionized and aren’t dancing anymore! However, they do still provide the “Entertained” buff when you are near them, so this is mostly just a cosmetic and immersion bug. So far I have only witnessed this behavior with Dancer thralls, but even then it has been fairly inconsistent. Perhaps they just don’t like being enslaved! Who knew, right?! So if someone would look into this it would be appreciated? Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch a single-player game with a fair number of entertainer thralls.
  2. Wander around creepily ogling the dancers until you find one that just stares back at you in disgust, and won’t dance.
  3. Repeat Step 2 until you are satisfied that you have successfully reproduced the bug.



On a serious note, I have noticed this too (PS4)

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Maybe she’s on a rest break. Get her to follow you, pick her up, then put her back


Well, that worked, so now I feel stupid.

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man, I’m in the middle of my depression right now,
My spaceship is broken,
It’s been a long time that I do with and especially without…
why are you coming to put it back on the carpet?
Here it is, now I want to go running naked to collect some daisies pfff
:clap: :ok_hand: perfect!

Wow! You sound like you’re seriously baked!

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