Major Exploit / Bug ((PC))

Game mode: Official
Problem: Bug

Not 100% sure about repro… however if you have an entertainer… Just do emotes around it get in to combat etc. Run back in and out of range of the dancer over time. Eventually youll have permanent regen ever after buff goes away.

Then youll have massive health regen. Literally health goes from 0 to 100 in a few seconds. This is extremely game breaking. Ive seen it reported 2 patches ago on testlive. Over time the bug multiplies itself. The regen becomes just silly. Only way to fix is to die. However… that gets quite hard to do.

Quick fix FUNCOM… remove healing from entertainment all together. Its not needed with all the healing items in the game. Just corruption removal only plz.

That’s this.

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I saw the thread. This whole page should have this thread. This is by far the biggest game breaking bug at present. Needs the attention.


It would appear the most recent patch introduced the health regen bug again… Entertainers bug the HP regen. Please fix. It completely destroys the game. Its easy enough without this bug.

They may heal, but since the last patch my dancers do NOT remove the corruption. (Xbox one)

this is getting really annoying since i cannot climb and run as far anymore, combat is becoming really hard as well…
(i have 4 in my base which is covered entirely by them)

This is not exactly how this bug works… but your close…

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Fixed it with admin mode btw!

Or remove the healing items from game and only Dancers can heal. OR, have it so dancer do not heal but your stamina falls slower, but does not recover without an entertainer to fill up your stam bar. OR, and this is my favorite, just fix the bug. It is no more game breaking than any other bug, it just needs to be fixed.

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When you make just another post about the same problem the managers lose overview and can be missed