Entertainer Thralls bug after multiple buffs and give HUGE health regen bonus

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Server is America

I placed 2 then 3 Entertainer Thralls in my clan’s tavern. They overlapped their buffs to give Entertained 10, which did the correct amount of healing regen and corruption removal. HOWEVER after moving back and forth through their buff radius multiple times, they buff said “Entertained 2” and then vanished. Now health regen went up by a very large amount, like 20-50 HP per tick, and lasted indefinitely. The buff was not labeled. It lasted for hours. It could only be cleared by dying. This happened to 5-6 members of my clan. We moved and killed off the Entertainers and did not have it happen again.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place Entertainer Thralls, I suggest 2 although 1 may be enough.
  2. Move into and out of their buff radius many times.
  3. Notice the normal “Entertained 5” message that stays for a little while becomes an “Entertained 2” message that vanishes quickly.
  4. Get wounded, for example jump off something moderately high.
  5. Notice a very large invisible health regen buff heals you quickly.
  6. Die and notice it is gone.

This is related to these:

May 4:

May 12:

Can we get confirmation of this? Unlimited health regen breaks the game.

This might be fixed in the new TestLive build.

I has already been fixed and broken again in live patches.

lol why do people tell this info, keep it to yourself so it doesn’t get fixed :slight_smile:

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becasue they want to see it fixed for balancing reasons, and they want the game to succeed. what good is a pvp game if the amount of game braking bugs are not getting fixed and people will leave servers the game will die for both of them. (the exploiter and the victims)

you right