Inconsistent effects from Entertainer thralls

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I’m seeing strange inconsistent results when standing in range of entertainer thralls. There’s obviously a bug here … but … as I’m not sure what the correct behavior should be, I’m not sure which of the behaviors i’m seeing is the buggy one (perhaps all!).

So here is the situation: I have two entertainer thralls, one is a Tier I, the other is a T4 (“Oyvind Tall-Tree”). They are stationed standing next to each other. If i stand between them, I see one of two completely different results:

  1. I get 2 stacks of the Entertained buff, but no other effects (I assume they are working to reduce corruption but I don’t have any corruption on me to verify this).

  2. I get 10 stacks of the Entertained buff, and in addition I slowly regenerate health.

I suspect both of these are wrong. I suspect I should be getting 2 stacks of the buff, but that I should also be slowly regenerating thanks to the TierIV one.

Does anyone know what the correct behavior should be?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I have had this issue for a while now too. Im not sure why it does this, but if I were to throw some wild speculation around, perhaps the detection is off…!? Or a bit picky regarding our proximity to each dancer? Stacks of 10 have become increasingly rare in my case too. But at least they do still remove corruption. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on this?

Hey @ConanTheContrarian

Thanks for the heads-up, sending note to our team so they can look into it and see if there is any incongruity in how the game telegraphs entertainer buffs.

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