Health rapidly refilling to full always for no reason

As soon as I stop taking damage for more than 5 seconds, my health rapidly regens to full, This isn’t normal health regen, this is like 1/8th of my bar refills every half a second. I have changed my armor and weapons multiple times, and cannot figure out why. I have logged in as admin before to adjust the day length, but I have not done anything else on the admin panel. I am the only one on the server experiencing this bug. This bug started after killing the abyssal remnant the first time.

Thanks for any help.

This is likely why.

Check your stats page and see if it shows any passive regen on the right side.

I do have dancers that i move in and out of the range of, but my passive regen is 0/s and i have no listed effects on my character. However I just tested with the other person in my base, and his health regens a lot too, so that may be it and just not showing for some reason

The healing should stop after you die or restart the server. Not sure if simply relogging will do it, but it does on single player.

So I relogged and it stayed, had my friend kill me and it’s gone. So i guess it is the dancer buff, and it’s just not appearing on either of our status screens for some reason. Thanks for the fast help.

The buff icon is not required for this bug.
Once it bugs out and stacks the semi-permanent healing, you keep the regen even when leaving the dancer’s range and losing the buff.

You’re welcome.

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