Health regens just as fast as stamina. Game breaking because I’m immortal

Game mode: [Online Unofficial]
Problem: bug regen health
Region: all

(Default server settings. Not even the first health perk unlocked)

Health regens within seconds whenever I am not being hit. It regens as fast as stamina.

Not just when I am near dancers. In and out of combat.

Maybe related but I have a couple dancers and noticed the entertainment count only goes to 2 not 10 then resets.

I’ve died multiple times. Logged in and out. Server reset. Respawned away from dancers. Nothing helps.

Any way to fix it because it’s pretty boring right now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have dancers?
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Wow this is unique! You on a private server or single player?
Edit: Are you sayingit only regens that fast around dancers?

confirmed. for me too. no dancers around (but there are pretty much of them in my base). From close dead to full hp in like two seconds.

i realized this bug when i started a fight with a red dragon. with medium armor nothing else needed than pressing light attack to kill it.

edit: i am playing on official pve server

This has been a bug since launch, wouldn’t surprise me if it existed in early access either but didn’t play then so can’t confirm.

Stand near dancer thralls, your own or someone elses for a few minutes - not even sure if it has to be a certain amount of time though - then go gallivanting about the exiled lands.

Stand toe to toe with an elephant, rhino, Hrugnir of the Frost and just melee them. Before you kill them, your health will completely regen. i haven’t tried to fight the red dragon yet but as posted above it obviously works. And if it works against the red dragon, it’ll probably work against world bosses like the giant crocodile as well.

It’s pretty game breaking and puts the game into easy mode.

shhhh stop telling ppl dang now they gonna fix it and i wont be able to facetank the bone dragon naked at lvl 50 now

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seriously tho i loved this game when it 1st came out now its a joke xp gains are a joke world boss health is a joke so many glitches i wont even report they are so numerous i can take a direct hit from bone dragon breath completely naked and live at lvl 50 i solo every boss in the game at this point there is NOTHING for me to do oh wait i can tame named thralls from volcano oh wait NO i cant because my timer resets every time i log out ive had a named thrall on wheel full of food for 2 weeks hes still at 0 i start him when i log in every day hoping it will stick but nope im already done with this game and was so looking forward to taming and sorcery maybe ill come back who knows maybe fallout 76 will be better

Fallout 76 is coming, people Will Just forget Conan in no time. I think Funcom are not afraid of that or even giving a damn.

Next patch(live on pc since 15.06) includes bugfix for this if i remember it right

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En mi serve hay dos pavos super chetados, son imposibles de matar entre 4 de nivel 60, las mejores espadas y nada no hay manera, se cuelan por la base como pedro por su casa, y no sabemos donde denunciarlos por que lo que acen no es normal, tienen super poderes.

I tried to replicate but didn’t work for me. Must be a local thing

Nope, it appears randomly

Indeed, it’s pretty random, I had it happen it to me just one time (single player, offline) when I came out from the Barrow King. It lasted for about three or four NPC’s near the Mound of the Dead, and then it was back to normal.

Just watch and see when they “fix” health regen we will have no health regen lol

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honestly i fear that, too. i own a ps4 pro, that means i have extremly long loading times while i get attacked and loose hp, 30 % of attacking npc´s are invisible for a few seconds and another 30 percent are invulneable. hopefully they fix that, too

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I can confirm this bug on Xbox as well. Can reproduce it anytime buy standing next to dancer and this makes you have super health regeneration which is so cheese. I’m going to put dancers far away to avoid the bugged buff hope that works I hate this exploit. Ruins the game!

Hi, try turning you supersampling off, it may reduce lag, and for the enemy’s that seem invulnerable, don’t stop hitting, it just takes a while for the damage your doing to render visually :slight_smile:

I’m on xbox and can also confirm. Can stand in the gardens in the volcano and out heal the noxious gas. Also went afk while fighting black keep boss for almost 5 minutes and he did not kill me.

On console. Don’t know what ur talking about. Doubt it would fix it if I weren’t.

Bag thrall bufs.Random staks.