Getting Passive Health Regen, without the perk!

TBH, this will be my last bug report.
Reasons, many things i’ve pointed out already are still not fixed, and B, why should I bother, Funcom is clearly in this just to cream the players for their money.

So here goes, do what you like with this (probably nothing)

Bug: Gaining Passive Regen before I get to the perk.
Server: Not one of yours as we cant trust they’ll stay the same
Version: Who cares anymore

As you’ll see in the picture, Im a long way off getting the perk and I cant find any other reason for it happening. I suspect it started as I gain the 2nd Vitality perk.

It is an issue that’s being discussed in a couple of threads, but worded in ways not quite the same as yours. If you spend an “extended” amount of time near dancer thralls (under their regen effect), you begin to regenerate health on your own even when away from your dancer(s). That passive regen bonus increases the longer you stay around your dancer(s).

Pretty much this. But it’s not just staying near them that causes it. For example, if you just afk near one and don’t leave it’s range, you won’t see the bug. Going in and out of the dancer’s range or taking damage/corruption while under the Entertained buff can cause it to trigger. In my screenshots showing 70+ healing per second, I was in a corruption area for a while. The healing was stacking really fast.

If I play normally outside of a corrupted area, it still bugs but doesn’t stack as quickly.