(PC) Private server Bug ; Massive health Regen

Platform: PC |
Game mode: Private server
Version:last steam version atm
Problem: Bug

We have a massive regen health after eating some food. In a fight, i just have to wait 1 sec without being hit, to get an extraordinary regen and be full life very fast.
I looks like we can reproduce it by eating Exotic Flesh in a row.
Not accurate exactly in the repro steps, but it is for sure linked to the action of “eating something”. We think it is exotic flesh, specially for players who always eat to keep them constantly at 100 %. At a moment, they get this massive regen health, which last for all the time connexion.

Hope it can help.

And one more time, thank you for this fantastic job you did since the start of the early access. the last months were awesome, and you made so much improvement ! We are hurry to be tomorrow :slight_smile: (+1000 hours in the game since early access)

I haven’t noticed any massive regen bugs from eating food, even exotic flesh, but there is one from dancers.
Hopefully these regen bugs get fixed for full release tomorrow as they are definitely game breaking. If I allow the dancer bug to go unchecked, I become completely unkillable except for 1-shot mechanics like the death wall.

I believe this has been addressed and fixed on Testlive, and should be live fixed tomorrow.

Cant be, just had it an hour ago