Life regeneration is broken!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: NA

Last patch has wrecked Life Regen. After asking around, some people are saying its because the Dancer buff isn’t wearing off.

As soon as my character receives any kind of damage, if i dont sustain further damage within 1-2 seconds, my life pretty much instantly goes back to full health.

Immortality 101. Not fun.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get damaged
  2. Wait 1-2 seconds, watch life regenerate rapidly.

Same here… regeneration is like a god mod… not fun at all…

same. i dont even have tier 3 vit and im some how getting a regen with no buffs active in the stat window or otherwise.

Exo did a good job giving a lot of details about this bug.
have a look if you’re intereseted.

Same here (single player).
This bug was sort of fixed in the 15-5 patch, and apparently reintroduced in the next patch that we had on 18-5.
15 May
“Fixed a problem where health went back to max after taking damage”