PVP Murder Mystery: Please Help me Solve

I’m new to PVP. We built a T3 base, with no windows, which shares a back wall with a cliff face.

We logged off after raid hours, seemingly snug, on the lower level with multiple levels of protection above and around us. Again, no windows.

Logged in this morning, we were killed in our sleep and bodies looted. No damage to the base was done, no forced entry, and no other loot was taken.

So my question is, how is someone able to:

  1. kill us when they don’t have access, and
  2. loot our corpses when they don’t have access?

A poison cloud should not have made it inside of our base and even this would not explain how someone had access to our corpses since we were no where near a wall.

Inquiring minds want to know and thank you for your thoughts.

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The answer is simple:

Exploits or hacks

Further discussion is not allowed here.


Are you sure you didnt die from heat/cold and your lootbag didnt just decay?

There is actually two ways. One legit and one not. If you don’t log in for 7 days your body is removed from the map. If someone has built a base where you last logged off you will be inside their base when you log back in. I’ve logged in inside peoples bases after taking a long break. I’ve logged in and looted then killed everyone in the base then bracleted out, kinda a dick move.
The other way, and probably what happened to you was you got hit by hackers. It’s pretty rampant right now. We just got hit by a group of them on 1536. It’s funny as hell that two groom so called meta pvp’ers were so scared of losing to a group of casual players that they had to call in hackers. We have screenshots of them saying they are friends with the hackers and have known them for a long time and played with them on a bunch of servers. They were on 1592 when I got hit and were on that shit show 1530 a week or so ago too


Yes I am sure. The event log is telling.

Thanks, I was afraid of that. I’m not asking for details as to how it’s being done, just wasn’t sure if there was a legit way I was unaware of, potion of pass thru walls?

I would imagine the only counter to this would be to sleep naked, or is there another counter you’re able to pass on publicly.

Thanks, the legit way was not the scenario and it’s looking more like your other thought. Appreciate it.

I have two very important questions.

Did it happen in the library and was a candlestick involved? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, it seems strange to me that only the loot you had on your bodies was taken. Was all your other loot located in another room they might not have been able to get to or did you have some storage containers in that same room with you?

I’m just curious because you say the log definitely shows it wasn’t a case of simply dying somehow and your loot rotting away. And if what @dirtyjim1 mentioned about someone basically logging into your base is what happened, it just has me wondering why they wouldn’t take everything they could, even if it was just to be jerks and toss it on the ground to decay to nothing.

This all sounds very fishy to me. Even though, fish don’t really make any noise, and I can’t smell anything over the internets.

That’s just how damn suspicious it tastes to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Selene01 once explained how! Without hacks, exploits or cheats. Just cunning! Maybe the one who did this to you is still in your residence :wink:. Put gas masks and throw some orbs in your residence, you never know.

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Hacks more than likely, either that or a similar situation as to what was happening with Ark and their publisher Snail Games. I wouldn’t put it past Tencent to do the same.

Sounds like an inside job. I say the butler did it.


Right now you came just log in and out and go through black ice and other foundations I think turanian is what my clan used to stop it from happening

An old fashioned flea bomb.

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Imagine a 3x4 Black Ice safe room, the back wall consisting of 2 foundation thick Black Ice butted up against a cliff. Inside that room were 2 beds, 4 chests and a dancer. We logged off after raid hours on the beds on either side of that small “safe room”. Upon log in, we had been killed within seconds of each other, and our bodies were then looted a few minutes after. The assailant apparently selected “loot all” since even the dung was taken.

No signs of forced entry into this room nor to the outer room’s wall which should have taken no less than 28 bombs to breech from the side.

No loot to include a single legendary (sorry we were only 2 weeks in) was taken.

Also the base was equipped with 3 doors on 3 horizontal foundations, and we made sure to shut them behind us each time we passed thru one. The thought of someone sneaking in with us then hanging out in such a small, 2-level, 5x5 interior base is highly unlikely and doing so undetected until we logged off.

There was simply no room with all of the crafting stations, planters, a greater bear and Janos, as well as the bottom level safe room.

I want to know how he beat me :slight_smile: If he cheated, so be it, Funcom needs to fix that shit. It’s ruining the game for a lot of us. If they beat me fair and square, I want to know how so I can build against it.

When you say “butted up” is there any natural terrain within this 3x4, either floor or wall?

The floor foundation is a single foundation. On top of that, a back wall was created extending to the natural terrain, 2 foundations away. I forgot to mention there was a T3 steel reinforcement sandwiched in between for good measure.

There was no terrain extending into the safe room space.

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I am not a pvp player so I do not know if the event log tells you who looted you when you are killed but there is a known glitch that will occassionally kill you if you are logged out on a bed. So it all comes down to what the event log says.

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