Impossible looting?

My gf and I have a base on an official server and she logged off in our well protected base that has animals and people outside and in it. When we got on it said another player looted her body but left everything else. And our base is still intact. How is this possible

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If your base is on the ground, It is possible you got undermeshed.

There are still ways to get under the map and ghost into people’s bases. They didn’t kill anyone probably to avoid being reported.

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Ok thank you so much, I just dont get why they only took her stuff

They probably couldn’t grab anything else.

If they popped out of the mesh they most likely would have been stuck in your base. Also pets and thralls won’t attack on site during non raid times.

If she logged out near a wall of your base, when the character is sleeping (horizontal and not vertical) it may “pop up” from the wall with his head or legs, this allow players to loot it.

It happens in pve-c where players pay few attention to this details, IDK if it may fit your case.

Becarful not to sleep against walls you will stick out, no windows around your stations and stashes they can be stolen through the window

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That was going to be my question: do you build with windows? If so, that could potentially have been your issue.

I had thought that much of the mesh access had been dealt with. But I guess it still isn’t entirely out of the question.

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