Something suspicious has happened - cheats? Software?

Hello, I was unsure where to place this topic so I just threw it in here to the general chat.

I am not sure if I am missing something in the patch notes or whatever, but yesterday I experienced something very strange.

I am playing at an official server, EU PvP-Mayham #120.

My clan have a small rivalry going on with another clan, all fun and stuff… at least it is for us.

But I logged in late yesterday only to find out that two of us were completely naked. Now we do of course have other clanmembers, all of who we know personally so we are very sure that our stuff was not just taken and then thrown to the dogs, all of which was rather valueable.

Another thing which throws that idea out of the window, is that it happened to the two of us who continued and managed to fend of the rivalry clan who continueously attempted to raid us.

But as mentioned, I logged in only to figure out that both his and my character were naked, all items gone, everything, and the strange thing is - there were no holes in either base that we have (We log out in two different bases due to the items we have.) No holes at all, not in the roofs, not in the doorways, not in the walls, not in the floor, nowhere at all, so there has been no signs of us being raided at either base, and all doors still on auto-close, so open doors have not been a problem either.

Furthermore, there are also a character on said server who have somehow reached level 61? I am not sure if it is a bug that shows that, but everyone else is either level 60 or below and only that ONE character is level 61.

I suspect something is very wrong.

I understand we are very close to official release and with that comes a wipe of the official servers, but I find this to be extremely suspicious and would like to report it but I am not sure where.

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This is a known bug and has been fix. I am not sure if it has been pushed to Testlive yet.

I was in US server 426 today and there was a guy called Conan griefing on the chat. He said he is able to get thru other ppl’s buildings.


There is a bug at the moment, where if you limit the frame rates at your side, you can walk through a door before it draws in. This allows you to walk into anyone base and take items off a player and walk out.

The dev’s know and I believe it will be fixed soon

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The level 61 thing should not be possible on an official server. However, on private servers and local games, level 61 can be forced by those with admin rights through the admin panel.

They’ve been saying that since day 1 of early access, I really hope they’ll fix it for release, I really do, but you can search on youtube and find out this is one of the oldest bugs ever in this game.

This has happend to a few people in my clan.

So it is possible that it is the exploitation of a bug. Oh well.

I hope it’ll get fixed before official release too, but it seems as if I should not be holding my breath, it is not a fun way to lose.