Serious question - but what level of cheating/duping does it need to get to before you'll consider wiping an official server?

Hey everybody,

We’re working on fixing some of the exploits that have actually been notified correctly to us, as well as increasing our security measures to avoid known cheaters and exploiters from coming back into the game with extreme ease.
But just as a reminder, statements such as:

Should easily answer this next question:

It’s no use to us if the community keeps hush hush about exploits and not notify us via our channels to report exploits (either Exploit Hunters or DMing either me or @Hugo). So please, and again, if anyone is aware of some of these exploits (and not exploiters) and how to reproduce them, contact us privately. Otherwise we won’t be able to proceed to fix the situation, or at least not as quickly as it should be.