Serious question - but what level of cheating/duping does it need to get to before you'll consider wiping an official server?

WOW! That’s insane!

My guess is that there will never be a wipe regardless of the level of exploiting. You are wearing the hat of the customer when you ask this question. Put on the hat of the company and you see that a true wipe means DELETE. You have no character, no server, nothing. Otherwise you run a chance that someone found a way to store something. So you don’t wipe official servers, you create a new one and delete the old one and lose xx% of your customers in the process. This is basically the nuclear option because they could no longer control the world they had programmed. No, there will only be continued attempts to correct these glitches on a one by one basis. Some successful, some not. If they cannot correct these exploits in enough time, avatars may be disabled again.

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Where is the video getting its numbers from in the first part?

Edit: Also, what did showing video of an out of bounds base, on a private server, do to demonstrate the issue with the officials and family share? Why the link to the Oslo Exchange page of Funcom, what was the specific context to doing that? Why the link to the financial presentation?

Official 1590

You sure about the server?

Theres no reason to wipe anything until they can actually fix the duping an exploiting otherwise in a months time it will just be full of duped items again an again. I only want gods disabled until they fix the dupe because you can stash the coins on thralls an they remain hidden an dupe everything at server restart.

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We have to struggle with a lot of cheaters on official PS4 server.
They do attribute glitch and undermesh building.

Further down there is a screenshot of one of the cheat players, laying down unconscious. You can see he has 600 points in health, 250 in stamina and an amor value of 215… all being naked! This is impossible without cheating.
For sure all other stats are maxed too, cause its nearly impossible to kill them. They do double jump in heavy amor, almost poison resistant and berserker damage too.

On top i post some screenshots of undermesh building from this server.

All that has been reported to community mangers a few days ago. Let’s see what happens…
We are close to quit playing Conan, cause playing against cheaters isn´t fun anymore.

Why they don´t reset all attribute points every single morning automatically?
All serious players would love it and cheaters aren’t cheaters anymore :slight_smile:

And why not start banning cheaters and post in official forum that cheater-hunting is going around?
Bann 500 players and 15000 cheaters will stop cheating cause they are afraid of being next!





I’m so stealing that phrase… it’s too good.

Hey everybody,

We’re working on fixing some of the exploits that have actually been notified correctly to us, as well as increasing our security measures to avoid known cheaters and exploiters from coming back into the game with extreme ease.
But just as a reminder, statements such as:

Should easily answer this next question:

It’s no use to us if the community keeps hush hush about exploits and not notify us via our channels to report exploits (either Exploit Hunters or DMing either me or @Hugo). So please, and again, if anyone is aware of some of these exploits (and not exploiters) and how to reproduce them, contact us privately. Otherwise we won’t be able to proceed to fix the situation, or at least not as quickly as it should be.

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Playing against such cheaters is simply pointless. You do not need to talk about fun anymore.
(see screenshot)

I think that the support does a good job. But if the problem with the attribute glitch can not be solved in a timely manner, please do the following:

With every server restart in the morning, the attribute points should be reset.
All the honest players will be happy and the whining are the cheaters.

Thank you.


Oh the joy,
Everyone is a cheater in conan, and anyone that tries to play legit, will be PUNISHED. but funcom clearly doesnt give 2 shyt.

We just found a vault full of god coins, legit is legit. cheating well that is this game now.

Congrats, and to quote every single A-hole, “go play something else, its a game.”
Funcom is to scared to ban cheaters, they lose money. in the end this game will be nothing but rust and dust.

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I have a clan of undermeshers in official American server 3588. Their name is Plata oh plomo I’m not sure how they are doing it but it involves a gateway and drawbridge against the side of mountains or most recently a statue in the north around where the starmetal spawns. Your post said you want the exploits not the exploiters but can something please be done about these people as they have chased several people from the game

One comment I want to make about reports and specifics - well two comments actually, and I said this to Ignasis directly:

  1. It’s hard to provide specifics and irrefutable proof when you yourself aren’t a cheater. I’ve seen floating treb platforms, I’ve seen in the logs what can only be duped gods, I’ve seen clans boast about duping on global chat (clans who still continue to play, incidnetally). I’ve seen entrances to undermeshes and I’ve seen player counts boosted at a time of the day that correlates with server restarts for nefarious purposes. I can’t prove without shadow of a doubt what’s happening in these instances, and honestly - I don’t have the time to go ahead and document these things like I’m performance managing a staff member IRL. I’ve got a young child and limited playtime and I would have thought Funcom had access to far better logging and analytics than I ever could. But I do have the energy to try and get conversations happening about these issues, particularly the effect they’re having on server communities.

  2. The general consensus when these communities discuss these issues is that they’ve been raised many, many times via various means - either posts or exploit hunters or what not. I know one guy whose raised this multiple times to no effect. I understand from the Funcom side of the fence, what they can say is limited due to the fact that a lot of this talk can actually assist the exploiters themselves. But as I said to Ignasis, from this side of the fence it feels like it’s on deaf ears.

Now i’ll add that since raising some of these issues, another player did the same and actually managed to get some action against a clan of cheaters. They’re not the only ones to be called out but this is very positive and i can say that i am impressed that something happened. Impressed and more than a little relieved.

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Conan Team … you hear the crying of the community and see the crieses yourself.

Is it really a witchcraft thing just to reset the attributes every day and disable the gods because of the dupe glitches, as long as nothing is fixed here?

You lose more and more honest players every day !!!

I was saying this long before Funcom activated the gods again the first time, even spelt out how it was done through Exploit hunters, yet funcom activated the Gods an event logs were full of players mass spamming god coins. I sent screenshots of players doing so, yet my account gets banned ingame when I barely played because I swore in my messages in exploit hunters yet players who did all the duping an spamming gods still play what a joke., then after like 5 weeks of players duping an spamming gods when everyones bases except the alphas & dupers remain do you decide to disable gods again lol Clap clap.

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I stopped playing because of the duping an gods/exploits, I was on 1974 & the biggest cheaters/dupers are still there, one the the biggest cheaters on that server is solo and he has the biggest mouth, thralls all loaded up with warmongers, had like 8 set shrines with bubbles active, yet he complains about others lol what a joke, you probably know who im talking about.

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Maximum Undermesh :frowning:

Still attribute glitch going on.

See screenshot. This player has 600 points in health, 250 in stamina and an amor value of 215… all being naked! This is impossible without cheating. I have tested. This is 50 points in vitality, agility and stamina. Maximum to get without cheating is 50 points in one skill and 32 in the next. Thats all…!!!

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