Question on Official PvP Servers

Question of the day: When will Funcom actually do something regarding the speed hackers/cheaters on PvP officials? This has been occurring for years. Might as well shutdown all officials. They are literally unplayable. It’s just amazing to me that a company can be this incompetent on what has been taking place on their own servers for so long. It’s truly mind blowing.

“Here come the just play on private server Andy’s” below this statement lmao

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I just was online on an official server for a few hours. No problems. Just some sorcerers carrying cages and a merchant that wants something probably from siptah.

As for speed hacks, ask modders to put in their code an assertion for character velocity.

Modders can’t affect officials, only Funcom can.

But you know this already.


Yes, and like how the mod for seeing (on back) the last weapon used made it to production, officials, there is the way. It was assimilated.

Indeed, so was the no rain inside buildings.

But anyone reading what you wrote will assume you’re suggesting that mods will fix the internal issues. Only Funcom will decide and take action. That includes implementing the code for mods and I’d bet inasmuch as many mods are spectacular, Funcom won’t add them.

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Hmm, well, they’re not going to upgrade UE4 to UE5, so we know there is baggage. That would be internal.

I’m just pointing out the what is exposed on the current API. There is a magic setting that modders could use to prevent speed hacks. I did my due diligence, but I’m not modding it. I only got time to for web development.

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Good points from both of y’all. My issue is Funcom doesn’t even seem to care. I get it you can’t prevent people from cheating 100%. But where is the effort? Where is the acknowledging that Official PvP servers are plagued with hackers on a daily basis? Like I said in original post, this has been occurring for YEARS! Once a server hits high population it’s over. Hackers going to take over real quick.

A little support from Funcom would go a long way. Speed hacks, along with these cheaters being able to go through locked chests/vaults is absolutely ridiculous for an online multiplayer game!

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