Official Servers full of hackers

Updating my #conangothacked server list
PVP LATAM - 1997 on December, 11, 2022
PVP AMERICA - 1526 on January, 04, 2023

Come on Funcom, do something about this policy of not giving anything back and fix this hacking issues.


it wont ever change. accept it or go play privates.


that’s right.
Private servers, nice people, active admin, qol mods, minimum ping.
And since all hackers are banned from private servers, where else will they go except officials?

going privates is not a solution. privates means more money to funcom, which means hackers are good to business!
Funcom should change the policy of not giving anything back.
If an investigation by funcom team is concluded and u’ve been raided by a hacker your clan should have a “starting kit” to rebuild ur base.
Armorer thrall, working benches, 800 manifestation zeals, enough materials to rebuild ur base.
By conducting the game this way, why would someone hack u? On the next day you would be 70% back and the hacking account would be gone!

Their goal is to ruin your fun, if you attempt to fight back it makes it all the more entertaining for them.

“Everyone worse than me is a n00b, everyone better than me is a hacker.”

See the problem there?

Second this. There is no permanent fix for hackers, it’s why they exist to begin with.

Everyone worse than me is a n00b? I didn’t say anything close to that.
I ain’t talking about fixing the hacker problem by getting a better software, i’m talking about changing the policy about how to deal with people that got raided by hackers. give A good “starting kit” so they can rebuild the temple, the good bubble, their base and etc.

Either my english is not very good and I understand because my native language isn’t english or u didn’t read what I wrote! xD

They always were. It’s just the misuse of the grammar that stands out. It should be about fun due to these features. :innocent:

You misunderstood my point.

Bottom line: investigating and offering the raided party a ‘starting kit’ is not a feasible solution. Flooding such a system with reports would be to easy.

U can’t assume someone is hacking just by the number of reports/ false reports.
U gotta send a good video. like I always send.
A base, inside a cave/ruin.
outside doors and walls intact.
first thing destroyed → beds.
Invisible dude placing bombs in front of you!
Speed hacks!

Interesting that there is much friction around speed hacks and one of the solutions to control them. That is why I asked a few modders about an assertion to the hacks. Just an assertion, that’s all.

It’s like they secretly do not want to fix it. Maybe waiting for more population, if the hacks don’t scare away other gamers.


No they’re not. The owner/admins still have to ban them.

Hackers/Cheaters are supposed to be dealt with by BattlEye. After 5 years they are still here, hoping for a change is in my opinion wishful thinking.

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A simple change in policy on how to handle the issue would minimize the use of hacks.

People use hack to wipe the enemy. Which succeeds and get a banned account for a cost of $1 (Yes conan can be “bought” for $1).

If funcom simply give a good starting kit for those who got hacked (proved by videos and stuff).
Why would someone use hacks?
On the next day you would have everything back which means the hack would not succeed by not wipping you and he would spend time/money creating accounts everyday.
Very boring!

Nowadays it’s not very easy to deal with hacks via anticheats. Every game suffer with this.
But on the other games you can just leave the match.
You didn’t spend time farming.
It’s not that easy to leave the server on Conan.
Besides, even if you change the server.
Guys using hacks stalk you.
And they can easily see your sleeping body via ESP if you try to body vault on the old server.

Funcom really should make changes in policy to deal with hackers!
Otherwise it’s gonna be this way for a few more years.

I rather see Funcom invest their money in something constructive.

Easier to ask if there are solutions or just plain procrastination. Changing policy is like being a tank. It may hurt.

Thing is, battleeye seems to be one of the weakest anticheats out there. Sadly. I have seen people who’s been cheating over 2 years ago, come and do the same on the same specific steamID :slight_smile:

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No, it doesn’t. Funcom doesn’t make money off of private servers.

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