A Guide against Hackers

How to protect yourself against hackers.

First of all, this is a guide to help people who still play on Official servers.
This tips would help you to survive until funcom or BattleEye do something.

Hackers can teleport inside your base by using offline corpses, chests and beds.

Tip 1: suicide everytime you are going to disconnect from the game
Tip 2: use stygian beds (it seems that they can’t teleport to them i don’t know why)
Tip 3: Don’t use chests or vaults (it is weird, but they can steal things from inside without breaking it…)
Tip 4: Use Bearers as storage. They can’t steal from them and if they are protected from other thralls, it will be better.
Tip 5: Use body vaults as a secondary storage. There’s a way to make your body disappear instantly, i didn’t figure it out yet, but this is the way to go.
Tip 6: When you see them on the map, it’s better not to engage or if you have to, go all in without much expensive gear with yourself, because they can teleport to you or teleport you to them and there’s speed hack.
Tip 7: Hide your chests inside building blocks, it seems that hackers can’t steal if the chests are blocked.

  • Hackers are a real issue that can’t be ignored.

** This guide is to help people to protect against them and it’s not meant to be a roast on funcom or anything like this. Hacks exists in every game and i really hope that funcom is working on get rid of them, because it’s an endless battle.

*** These tips are based on personal experience.

**** There are hackers who can even destroy your building blocks outside raid hours, but these are rare (they seems to be the ones who created the hack or something like this).


The implied subtext of the thread is that the hackers in this case are the bad ones, the cheaters. You’re just making your case in defense of those ones by continuing this.

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OK then, I do understand your point, it’s clear!
So thank you @Kholdenn for these tips against cheaters who use hacks to destroy other people fun and the sports spirit of each game, just because they can!!!
I play on Playstation and this guide seems to have good tips for my console too, maybe I am against body vault, but the way you put things here I see a fair use of this mechanism on pc!

@Dzonatas, I do understand your point, yet hacks are against the law and ofcurce violation of the personal data of each individual!
I have several occasions of people that their credit card was robbed, people that have families and children in need, I cannot share good feelings in such actions no mater the skills demanded to a person to do this action!


I don’t understand why the semantics matter in this light. As pointed out the intent of what is being described and the meaning is quite clear.

Thanks @Kholdenn for your insights. I will be employing some of these measures if I set up shop again!

As for the thralls as storage idea… depending on the hacks they’ll just kill the thralls. I agree with going to bed in the desert though. Been a saviour on many a hacked server for me. Interesting about the stygian beds!

If I see a hacker I steer clear out of their way. I’ve learned that if you give them the attention they crave they’ll continuously target you. Unfortunately as the way of official servers go this sometimes leads to rumours that you’re in league with hackers… when really you just don’t want to irk them.


I haven’t see any hack who kills thralls instantly yet, so if you have an area with a lot of thralls together, it will be really hard to kill them.
hackers use to make fast raids, they don’t even bother to level up the characters. They just get dragonpowder, teleport inside your base, steal what they want and detroy the rest.
To kill a lot of thralls is way harder, especially because they don’t know if the thrall has anything inside them.

Of course, there isn’t an instant thrall kill hack/ability from what I understand.

But, it’s been done and if they can’t find the loot they’re looking for or are particularly emboldened they will kill every single thrall. Just stating from experience.

They don’t, it’s off topic.

Speaking of the topic, I wonder if the situation is going to change in any way after 3.0 lands in live. I just spotted something in today’s TestLive patch notes:

I don’t know how effective BattlEye is, but it’s really no use having any anti-cheat system as long as it’s so trivial to circumvent it completely…


Was wondering about that! Was it specifically for testlive or for officials in general, hmm

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i think that the cheaters don’t circumvent battleeye, because they always come with different accounts. i think that they have from 1 to 3 days without being banned.

I heard in global chat on my official server that it’s only going to get worse and bring in more hackers.

What’s not missing, all these years I follow this game, is “prophets” ! It’s a logical reaction for people to share fears, others from experience, others from knowledge and others from demi knowledge, which is worst than no knowledge at all!
Patience, I would suggest, for me, there is no reason to fill my head with fears and enjoy less the new update because of them! I know that it ain’t going to be perfect, but I don’t care! As long as I will be able to have fun, I won’t mind for details!
I hope for the best!
As for cheaters, they will always find a way, as long as people report them, they will be less and less… I hope!

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Does this apply to PC Official Servers only? Or there are hackers on PS too?

The best way to deal with hackers is to not play on officials and do not give them content.


On the 1088 PC server we are in the process of having the workbenches and chests emptied, urgent, who can tell me how and on what they teleport and how far, please ? I want to counter them

They go on private servers too

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Of course :slight_smile:

But if you have competent admins, they are banned within the same day of cheating.

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Yes but it isn’t always the case.

This is Funcom’s responsibility to address.


Even 2 hours of cheating can ruin a private server.
They can teleport inside bases and steal things without people even notice.

So it is hard to catch cheaters fast enough.
And even if you catch them after few hours, you will need to restore a backup save file.

And some players will be upset because of this. Some will leave the server, others don’t, but there’s always a damage.


They can only teleport within a range (i think it is the rendering range).
So if they are stealing from your base, they are near it.

But as i said on the original post, the only way is to store your stuffs inside bearer thralls. Any container can be stolen.

The problem they can steal workbenches and workers them in

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