What to do about hackers?

we have a clan on our server, that is using obvious speedhacks? is there anyway to report them? got their players names and their steam, so would really like this to be dealt with as fast as possible, cause its ruining 1 of the best pvp servers, they just started today and already have unlimited orbs and just sprints around with 3-4 times the speed of normal


Just wanted to add that this is happening on Official server #1120. Two guys running around using speedhacks and harassing people.

any response at all? its destroying the server, and they are still online speedhacking around the whole map throwing unlimited gas orbs

Devs have said over and over they will not moderate servers.

So likely nothing will be done on any official server.

So I wouldn’t hold your breath

This shouldnt be about moderating a server, this should be about getting hackers off their game cause they will destroy it

Maybe @Jens_Erik can help us out. Sucks to see a good server getting ruined due to hackers.

Hi, i come from the same server… is a shame nobody do nothing for this cockroaches… we have screen and video to make as evidence.

Devs doesn’t care that much about those cases…

You gonna see only a sweet talking from them that they will fix the issues… maybe this year, maybe next, maybe never… but for sure you gonna see that they will not gonna touch their lovely players who are using exploits. And if you dare to give a light on it your thread simply gonna be hide from the forum

At the end they took your money so why to bother about that toxic players ruing server after server.

One day we may see something like ARK’s Code of Conduct, but maybe in a couple of years when issues are sill not fixed we gonna see something like this.

This is not even an exploit this is a cheat engine

Funcom must purge cheaters and hackers from official servers or we, honest players, will quit this game. No players > no DLC > no money > out of buisness. Ez. Your choise now. Have a nice day Funcom.


They understand your frustrations, but unfortunately since they got only $40+ millions incomes from the game they don’t have the capacity to provide in-game moderation.
Instead they gonna fix some of the issues and exploits… one day… maybe not in this life, but one day…

There’s a lot of game with a great number of player destroyed by no moderation or for not ban cheaters by the server… i can understand the moderation but a good anticheat is a program…

Seems like a BattleEye issue

it is a group of around 5 people just fking up the server, Grithack, speedhack and a really high fire rate with a bow. Funcom should do something about it because a lot of people will stop playing if it continues

This as to be dealt with, people are getting killed by a lvl 30 using an steel pick to kill everyone

As already said - Funcom don’t care about it.
They are happy with those kind of players and that is it.

Sad, but true…

I wouldn’t say they are happy to see this kind of thing but they certainly will not do much about it.

No form of moderation will happen they have been very clear. Really the best thing to do is abandon official servers for an unofficial one with a moderating host

Hey just found this info might be of help to report properly

Q: What are you doing to keep people from cheating?
A: Conan Exiles uses Battle-Eye to prevent people from using cheating software. People exploiting game mechanics should be reported to us via Exploit Hunters

So use the exploit Hunter thing for reports I don’t have the link sorry

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As far as I understand it it’s a place to report exploits, glitches and etc. but only that - there is no place to take actions against players.

And actually it only duplicate use of help.funcom where you can send a report directly

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