Got some cheaters on the official server I'm playing at, can you please investigate it


I’m playing atm on official server #1122 PVP

Have been raided now, twice (only thrall wheel bases) off raid time and there is nothing showing in event log.
Is it possible for funcom support to check this out? or do we all need to start cheating to make a fair game?




Can you show images of these wheel bases?

patched them up…

Very few things are officially considered “cheating” in this game, I’m afraid. So… yes.

Most likely using the thrall unlimited orb trick if you have been raided outside of raid hours

Heh. Fair enough flagging my post. I am alot more upset than usual recently. Enduring a griefer on my own server has taken it’s toll.

To me, in every game no matter what there will always be someone who wants to ruin other people’s fun cause they think it’s funny.


Yeah, which is why i’m playing the next few survival games in singleplayer and unofficials.
Whatever legitimacy and value other people may add to all that one does on officials, it’s not worth the cost of it


It’s unfortunate that a good portion of the gamer community intentionally use exploits to gain an advantage regardless of the game. Often times there is no consequence only reward. This encourages more exploitation use by them and turns other players to “fight fire with fire.” Having official servers with little to no moderation is a bad idea altogether and that’s why I avoid them as well. Unofficial servers have a much better community in my opinion. They have issues and struggles too, but I’ll save that for a different post. If you are looking for an unofficial pvp server to try out let me know.

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Absolutely. While I understand why they did it this way (it’s not an MMO, so no monthly income to fund admins), it’s one of the big problems in a game that gives you as much freedom as CE does (which unfortunately includes the freedom to be an antisocial pest).


Halcyon is right, unfortunately.

I hope this thing gets fixed soon, everyone has figured it out by now.

Best way deal with PUNKS like this never Rage about it nor let it bother you. That Medicine works best ignore them fully. they destroy your stuff like u said pretend it never happen & they move on next.


Note what he says as this is the ONLY (Legit) solution.

happened to us this morning…we see if anything is done about it…if not then cya ltrs conan

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