If you play on an official server

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Don’t bother coming to the forums to complain about griefers, hacks, dupes, or cheaters. The official servers are a place for those type of players to run rampant on. Let them have those servers and they can all cheat together or against each other all they want.

Find yourself a nice private server. If PvP, where the admin won’t abuse his power and has a good history. It may take a couple of tries but there is some good ones out there.


That’s a one-sided depiction of official servers. There are official servers with cheaters and griefers. There are official servers that are nice.

What’s true is that Funcom doesn’t do anything about cheaters and griefers directly. They prefer to try to solve these problems by patching the game. Unfortunately, this process isn’t fast enough.

As for complaining on the forums, I don’t think it’s useless. If you expect Funcom to step in as admins and moderators when posting on the forums, then it’s true you won’t achieve your goal. However, I see forum complaints about cheating as a necessary way of keeping the pressure on Funcom.

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This is akin to “just don’t be poor!” as advice for solving one’s money problems

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or when you kill someone and then blast over the mic in a distorted annoying way “Get gewd” …

I’m sure its helping to get these little tid bits of sage advice from experienced professionals such as the OP…

What were we all thinking…

Every time we are attacked, we grow wiser

Just finished a minefield for 3 weeks. The threat is gone.
The map room is open again, and reinforced.

We refuse to let a few bad apples ruin the crop of nice folks we have

Official or nothing, I don’t play on them pansy servers!

Some official servers have really good communities and some private servers are horrible. Thing is, official servers (in particular PvE/PvE-C) lack of any tool to stop one player from ruining everyone else fun.

And friend and I starting playing on a official server after horses release and everything was going fine until two players started a foundation spawn wars and they close some important areas.

But in all fairness we can also argue that a private server can be close or wipe without notice at any moment.

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