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in my opinion this is highly needed, there are so many exploiters, abusers and other cheaty stuff.
If only 1 Server Admin would have looked through all the Servers and banned ANYONE that has built a whole base underneath the map due to bugs or similar , the whole community would be in a way healthier state than it is right now.

The Abusers, Exploiters and Cheaters had no consequences so far, which makes it a toyland for them, they just go on and on, try different stuff, switch through all servers, until there is no one left to raid or annoy.

It makes me sad to see a game die for such simple reasons.

Greets Michael.


Or try some popular private pvp servers.

Aye, but that doesn’t resolve the issues with exploiters.

Having an admin in each official server to help “moderate” it is a good idea.

In my server some guys are planning to build a base so big and block pathways with it to make travelling less acessible. There are only 15 people at most in this server and it’s even a PVE server meant for enjoyment of the game rather than trolling people.

Funcom has repeatedly stated that they will not moderate the servers. So unless they drastically change their minds, this won’t happen. Your only options are to find a different server or rent your own.

I agree.

I think a solution is for them to just remove all public servers. Honestly I have followed a troll group around whose only purpose is to ruining servers. After they did it to mine I did some digging and noticed a trail of ruined servers. The exploits are all online and have resulted in many being unplayable.

yeah its obvious… some people want to see things burning, just cause they are bored…
but removing public server is not a solution, there are games that are moderated and it worked fine.

Server Admins not only would be able to overview the server and kick/ban people that abuse stuff, they also could help the developers by finding such exploits much faster and determining the problematic bugs that caused these issues

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