Lack of Funcom response to Official Server needs

Official server 1590

Problem: Dupers/exploiters/building bases under mesh. Admitted extreme duping

Reported them dozens of times, screenshots and step by step instructions of how they did this. Their names, their clan name, their steam id, their coordinates in game, practically given everything except their social security numbers. What have I heard back from Funcom on this?

Deafening silence.

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Official servers are sinking ships that Funcom cannot repair.

If you want to save your sanity, do like me and play some Fallout 76. Come back to CE when it’s actually more of a fun game and less of a time-sink and a test-bed for the cheat engine.

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Well, it actually is… You simply need to assign some people to it.

lol, no comment and btw the OT is about the lack of admin/moderation

Some patience? You mean like 8 month is not enough?
Read again, you are actually telling the truth but you meant something else :slight_smile:

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Yes to start whit they need to find whats wrong, to make the bug apare in ther system so they can alalyse it.

There are LOTS of reports of exploiters and hackers and Funcom is indifferent to that. I have seen almost no response from Funcom regarding these problems - too little too late.


I just quickly wanted to comment on the “no reply” “no response” “no answer” discussion here.
We do not discuss exploits, bans or hackers publicly on our forums. That is policy. That is also one of the main reasons we do not want threads about exploits out in the open. That is very common practice on all game forums.

We do have a dedicated program and people assigned to look at exploits and hacker claims.
If there is clear proof we do take action.


Then at the very least publicize that action is being taken so that we and the exploiters know that Funcom is doing something. At this moment, you’re saying take your word for it, but the forums (and that’s just those that speak up) have plenty of explotation problems and no action seen!

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Hi Tascha, I understand not discussing exploit details but you can however confirm or not whether there is a fix being worked on for the exploit in question.

Similar post: Open letter to the developers

Personally I have seen a lot of the former and little of the latter, for this exploit that is.

To end with a little bit of positivity: I do know of other exploits that have been fixed already(or partially).

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Ironically, FO76 suffers the same Official Server problem as CE does.

The difference is CE has private servers you can go to in order to avoid the mess that is official. In Fallout, you can’t. Not for a year at least.

Without sharing any names or personal info, how many people has Funcom banned for cheating/exploiting?

I bet you the number is extremely small compared to the number that has been reported.


The number reported doesn’t matter. I could hop on your server, take a screen shot, Photoshop it up, and report you. That doesn’t mean you exploited the game.

I saw someone threaten to report an entire server because their base was robbed… Mind you, the person built an open air base on a private PvP server, but obviously, he was an “elite” gamer so we all must have cheated.

What are saying then? Are you advocating our silence instead? Just not sure of the intent of your reply.

Main problem i see with exploits that are hard to out right prove, is the exploiter knows this, and thus there is no risk for doing the exploit.

The people who don’t want to be “scummy” cheaters, as one of my Clan leaders put it, have to deal with the issue privately and all alone. Right now, i feel there are only three choices:

  1. Leave server for new official server/private server
  2. Live with the fact they are taking a “moral” high ground, and just keep rebuilding or gaming around the exploiters on their chosen server.
  3. Quit game completely. :frowning:

All three punish the “victim”. The exploiter gets to have their type of fun, without ever worrying about retribution.

That is why i advocate teaching the exploit if it can’t be stopped or punished due to untraceable data. Until it can be fixed or traced, it should be treated as just another play style/mechanic. Even the playing field so to speak for those that want to do it. Give me a choice whether i want to be a “scummy” cheater, or start a new some where else. Plus, now those scummy cheaters will get whats due from people who truly love this game.

I am curious as to how my pointing out a metric is flawed can be misconstrued into a call for silence. That’s akin to saying don’t ever sue because somone said some lawsuits are thrown out for being frivolous.

People will falsely report others for cheating. It happens often. So to assume that Funcom’s number of banned people verse number of reported people shows Funcom is doing a bad job is foolish. Unless you can eliminate those false reports, you are not measuring anything of value.

I don’t think he was saying that is your meaning, but was asking if that is what you are saying. And i do agree, false claims can screw with numbers. I don’t need hard numbers either, but an occasional “We banned some players for x reason” would go along way to satisfying people that brought legit exploiters up.

And also a more descriptive patch note than “fixed an issue where you could keep something in your inventory too long” and just say, “we removed the zeal transfer trick”. Again, for people who have dealt with these exploits, it would feel better knowing the direct thing they witnessed is patched.

Bugs and exploits, even if reported by twenty or thirty people, can’t be fixed with a wave of the wand. Developmental has to dissect the problem, figure out the coding errors or duplicate packs and be able to replicate the issue on their systems to find the most logical way to prevent the issue. There is no black and white when it comes to fixes, it’s all about seeing the issue firsthand to find every single part that doesn’t fit properly. What a person posts isn’t near half of the total problem.

I don’t think anyone expects it to be fixed over night. The issue is you take videos and screen shots then submit them to funcom. Then never hear anything. When the all attribute bug was a thing I got screens of people admitting to it in general chat. This was months ago and these people are still playing on a server I left due to their grieffing. Got videos and screens of undermesh bases also months ago. Put a report in again with expoilt hunters. Nothing. 3-4 weeks ago reported a clan for expolioting camp fires by the 100’s that would cause the PS4 processor to lag out or blue screen again video and images submitted. Nothing.

Funcom likes to put up the appearance they care about these things but they don’t. They already got your 60$ and if they can squeeze a few more out of you with dlc great. Which is a shame since Conan exiles COULD be the best survival game to date with just a tiny oversight on the offical servers. Instead we get none.

I for one will be gone once fallout 76 releases and may never return. They add content but fail to fix things that’s been expoilted since day 1 (undermesh and dupe expolioting). They create events and ignore the performance and terrible AI.

Any other MMO I’ve ever played even free ones had better server admins to address expolioting and griefers within 72 hours. Even if they found nothing they would even send a response saying they found nothing or an email saying action was taken.

Funcom solution : terrible events , bugged new systems , paid dlc and silence.

I also do not think anyone at funcom even plays their own game at this point I’ve had mods on here ask me to explain why the blue hue for the holloween event is so terrible and to provide them with my sources. Which I did. Or they could just log into the game they admin the forum for and see for themselves why the blue hue causes headaches and blurry vision. Also if they had any 1 person check any of my expoilt cases I sent in they could log in go into admin mode. Go into fly / ghost mode and go to the map locations I provided in reports. See the expoilted base / players then act based on what they see. It would take maybe 10 minutes. Instead nothing.

We are talking about issues that’s been a problem since day 1 not new issues that just started in the past week or two.



I never used the term less buggy. I will say as a beta tester that their purge mechanic is far superior to Conan and works. I will also say they don’t have the performance issues that Conan has had since day 1. I can fight things without rubber banding constantly. Also the enemy AI actually responds to me and fights back where in Conan 70 percent of the time the ai does not even move as I approach it then kill it. Sure 76 will have bugs but from what I experienced as a beta tester it is in way better shape than Conan is especially on performance, AI and core mechanics. Conan still has broken core mechanics (purge , duplication, performance purge , God’s , and more…) 8 months after launch and terrible performance lag. So by default it is already a far superior product since it actually has functional core mechanics that is also backed by a company that has proven track record of providing good support for their products.

Funcom always had shady product support from age of Conan to anarchy online I’ve yet to see a product of theirs they support successfully after release. Anarchy online is still in really bad shape 10 years after release…

Why do you think funcom was on the verge of bankruptcy before exiles? It wasn’t because they were providing great products and services.