2 years playing destroyed by cheaters

Today after 2 years playing we got destroyed by cheaters on official server, they no need explosives, they used every possible glitch in the game. And chest got destroyed just by hitting with weapons. Even before and after raid time they able to destroy building pieces. So game over.

that is horrible. Reminds me of Skyrim and that’s why I only play single player games that I can do offline without multiplayers .I don’t need the stress and aggravation of selfish idiots messing up my game I paid lots for. Maybe u should consider that


If they used Relic hunters with orbs to attack your base, then there is absolutely nothing Funcom can do…

At least I cannot come up with a solution. NPCs can always attack your base and destroy it (purge is the same mechanic).

My black-ice foundation was one time destroyed by a normal wolf. I dont even know when or why he attacked my base. Base was fine, then made a run at mounds of the dead, came back and 1 foundation row was gone (had no guards outside, only inside).

Event log said that a wolf destroyed a foundation. A T3 foundation!! A damn wolf!

And the most annoying part about destroying something with NPCs: It works ANYTIME and EVERYWHERE. Even at PvE.

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It’s not using npc, they just hacking the ps4 game and span next to my bed. I builded on top of the peaks at the volcano. They span inside your base and control the game systems.

Which game mode? PvP?

And official server or private server?

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(battleye)。No effect

It must have passed the third-party software they tested.

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Official 3212 ps4

Oh no… on ps4… PvP or PvE?

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We came back to officials a couple months ago. Undermeshers/duppers just came tp the server so we’re leaving for good. It’s private servers from here on out.


This is why I’ll never play on a public server ever.

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Sometimes they use 1 explosive to hide they’re cheating, 1 explosive destroyed 5 large chests and other stuff is just impossible… all chests had 100% hp. And the first thing I saw in event log was my bed destroyed before something else got destroyed… how do you do that?

Earlier on that day we build tower for make catapult… there was no way anyone can climb up the tower, 6 man guarding the below… the guy just spawned next to the one using the catapult… unbelievable

The raiding time is just impossible, also npc never can reach this place since it’s on top of the peaks of the volcano.

not unbelievable, you called it, they are cheating. its cool that youd post pics like that, hopefully those guys get banned er somethin. in the meantime, if i were you i would start over on another server.

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What is pretty bad: Thats on PS4!! How can someone cheat on a console? That aint good… :frowning:

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There are a few new players on our official that just take the cake.

The river Y is blocked off, Build next to you, so their purge hits you.

I lost 3 named in one attack on a map room I have at the mounds. The owners said, they will not remove it, it is doing its job.

Grin and bear it, fore they will get bored and leave.
loot them blind…

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DO you have any openings on top of the base? Unfortunately there is a way to catapult right now that has been reported. The last infinite jump was fixed, replaced by a new one.
IF you do, then that is probably how they accessed your base. Double check your entire roof, and if built on a volcano piece, then there is a chance there are holes in the mesh that you cannot see or fill.

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