Instructions on how to report players for in-game exploits/cheats/hacks

There are various threads on this and other forums complaining that reported exploits and exploiting/cheating/hacking players are being ignored and not being addressed by Funcom.

Threads and videos showing others how to do these exploits are being posted out of frustration in the hope of initiating an actual reaction and/or response from Funcom on the exploits that have been adversely impacting legitimate players.

While I feel that these types of threads and videos only exacerbate the issue, I do understand the frustration of the people that get to the point of feeling they have no other recourse other than the desperate Hail Mary attempt to be heard before walking away from a game they love and have placed a lot of time and effort into solely due to game-breaking exploits/cheats/hacks by a few individuals that seem bent on making the game unplayable.

I think for many, there is a lot of confusion on how exactly to report a Conan Exiles player for actively exploiting/cheating/hacking in-game and the feeling that Funcom actually does not want to nor will they, address any of these players. Reading the numerous threads on this topic, one definitely comes away with the impression that many feel that Funcom will drag their feet for months, maybe years on fixing an exploit while turning a blind eye to all of those actually using the exploits in-game.

For example, the report feature that was implemented last Aug indicates it is to report players who are breaking the rules of conduct concerning various forms of chat harassment so this is not a legitimate way to report an exploiting player.

The Conan Exiles Exploit Hunters feature specifically states in bold letters right at the top of the page that the feature is not intended for reporting players that are exploiting.

The Conan Exiles in-game player list profile reporting feature appears to go directly to Steam, not Funcom.

I am hoping to get a Customer Service or Community Mgr response in this thread on how to actually report a Conan Exiles player for exploiting/cheating/hacking directly to Funcom.

Thank you!


I agree there must be a system to report hackers and cheaters, would love to know how.


So before I was a tad annoyed, and came off as such.

Now , I am angry.

Funcom was provided video proof showing who/what/when/where and how.

The offending party came online today and built another crashbox. Now the server is unplayable again, from the SAME PERSON who we have on video as being responsible. This is past them turning a blind eye and into blatantly ignoring the issue.

I know you and I do not agree on anything. That’s fine. But that is just wrong. I am not asking for mob justice, I am not asking for anything more than funcom to pull the logs from server 1653. They have absolutely conclusive proof of the player building these strictures. Time lines with server crashes match up in every instance with this player being logged in.

Funcom not taking a stance on this has sent a message that its now acceptable behavior. A great deal of time was spent recording information, passing it to funcom , sitting ans being silent.

So now we have yet another structure on the server we need to go , locate and destroy. We the players, that’s quite frankly not our job. We are not paid to make the game playable.

You don’t like the video being posted. People need to know what to look for and how to destroy it. Since funcom isn’t helping its up to players to spread the word.

Im sure its full of typos, i am quite angry.

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What you just did is going to cause all of the servers to be deadlocked now, wont help expedite the fix, and it is against the rules here.

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And what did Funcom do with video evidence ?

That player is online now, has built a new crashbox and crashed the server.

Literally all we the community of 1653 have been asking for is to look at the logs. See who is on, when the server crashes. Trust me when i tell you there are enough that in just a few moments they can go through the data and match an name to it. This is all we have been asking for, and we have been asking for weeks.

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What they are doing is creating a fix so that the type of structure does not cause that. I hope you are ready to play loading screen simulator 2019 this weekend choom because what you just did here on the forums is turning this game into that.

I think Funcom is also sending the message that if you do this its ok we dont care and wont ban you so pleas crash all day. If they were to ban this guy and his clan it would send the message, crash at your own risk.


Honestly sorry you feel that way.

If you want to experience true conan cancer i invite you to take a stroll through server 1931, home of the chinese and brazilians. you will be filing those exploit/cheats/hacks forms all night.

Quite frankly, i am wounding if steam will refund me. I am just… done.

Why so much drama? You put the info out there already. Things aren’t going to fix themselves, and certainly not instantly. Sit back and let things work.

For me:

its due to being outright ignored.

My posts being deleted, even when they do not break any rules.

Its paying for a game and the DLC that you simply can not play.

This would/is be a legitimate fear. The fear should for the cheater not the rest of the server.

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The answer was given in this thread

This thread is NOT about you CChoom nor do I appreciate you tainting this thread with your angry agenda which you have been spewing all over this website and others. Please re-read the original post, this is to get clarification from a Customer Service or Community Mgr on how to officially report to Funcom, a player that is exploiting/hacking/cheating in Conan Exiles.

Oh and incidentally, since the posting of your video we had someone that had never crashed the server before, crashing it last night using the technique you outlined so nicely for him and has been doing it for the last 90 minutes again today. So please stop suggesting that publicly posting ‘how to’ on exploits helps as it absolutely negatively impacted the server I am on with someone new using it and mentioning the ‘how to’ is now posted on YouTube suggesting others follow his lead and do it as well.

Thanks for the link Melcom but this appears to apply only to harassment and griefing issues which as you know, is very subjective when it comes to any pvp game. I am not asking for any type of mmo in-game remedy for griefing, I am asking for an official way to report players actively using exploits/cheats/hacks.

If Funcom has zero ways to officially report exploiting/cheating/hacking for investigation, this would indicate that they do not feel it is a priority and those of us trying to report through what we think are valid avenues and hanging in there waiting for a remedy, can move on to other games where the devs do care enough about the player base to at least have a reporting channel for players grossly abusing the system.

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Lets see if they give this attention when all these server crashes start costing them money…I bet that will get their attention

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Best of luck, sincerely hope you are provided a way to report players. Sorry your server is crashing.

Your Friend

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I personally think the following quote contains an important point

In other games I have played, making information public helped.

For example, there was nothing stopping one or two clans from raiding with impunity but being completely safe from retaliation. If only one or two clans on one or two servers knew how, then it is easy to ignore. You just illustrated that by showing you didn’t care when it was happening to him and only started to care when it started happening to you too.

Once everyone knows how to do it, it is likely to jump from the bottom of a todo list to the top of a critical patch/hotfix needed list.

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Melcom. What would be a suggested ETA for action to be taken when absolute proof has been provided ?