Open letter to the developers

Please can you advise the community on if you are banning people for cheating / exploiting / glitchbases (under map and inside scenery)

being a loyal player since alpha, i have had to put up with exploit , cheat and glitchbase after glitchbase since alpha.

this is supposed to be a final release yet there are a ton of issues plaguing the conan community.

please can you advise an official stance on what is to be done.

we are a large group of players that have had enough of being ignored, to just let your game die is silly.

we need a community manager that will ban cheaters. and remove glitchbases from under the map. each server they would go to the well known spots. delete all. and warn the players using such spots.

if you want to know the new method the exploiters are using please feel free to message me.

the glitchbase near black galleon is easily fixed by one touch up on the map file. one tiny fill of the hole…

the way people are accessing the under mesh you will have to message me as im not making it public.



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I agree!

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Agreed, Im the “last” of a group of 11 players that used to play together on one of the old pvp EA servers during the ea phase, they all left because when they gave feedback about bugs/glitches and exploits, never had answers, even to exploit hunters.

As most of my posts never have answers from the devs/managers, but still, im stubborn (as most players I beleive), continue playing and giving feedback to help the game believing in its future.

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We would love to be able to have admins on all our official servers. However, we don’t have the manpower, infrastructure or needed back-end for administrated servers and GM interactions on the officials.

There’s a reason why it’s mostly MMOs with monthly subscriptions that do this. Monthly subscriptions keep enough money going in to provide manpower and running servers.

Since we don’t have a monthly subscription we’re trying to provide features and mechanics that help with problematic in-game issues. All of that is an ongoing process, of course, and we’re on the constant look out for ways to help create a better server environment for everyone. This is why it’s vitally important that you inform us about exploits through Exploit Hunters.

@Manfat: If you have information to share about how exploits are performed, please message me. :slight_smile:


i agree with this, they should do something about this fast,

I do not play on official servers because of the very reason and issues that are mentioned above. There are a few possible solutions to the problem. First, and most immediate solution is to play on unofficial servers where these things don’t happen. There are several public private servers with official settings and non official settings to suit everyones play style. While i don’t advocate this option as the best option since it doesn’t really fix the underlying problems accept that the player/clan no longer has to deal with those issues. A second possible solution is to have a volunteer type community that put there time where there mouth is to oversee such complaints via a que system and report back to someone with admin power to rectify the issue at hand. This can also be a volunteer but would also have to come with some type of admin logging for transparency. I’m sure there are other solutions that are feesable that would not cause a large expense or any expense for that matter. While i do not play on official the fact is that if something is not done to fix the underlying issues then the official servers will eventually become barren and this game ultimately will not survive in the end and that is something nobody wants. Just my two cents.

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pls stop insinuating admins would solve a programmer/system related problem. Why don’t you have serverside checks in place for detecting geometry in invalid areas and bounds? It is simple as that. Create an automated report from each server with a heatmap on restart and THEN only you need to visit that server and free it from that malplaced geometry. You can even automate the evaluation of heatmaps.

You have been given plenty video and image evidence of heavy exploiting and did not react. You also instructed me per E-Mail to post exploit descriptions in the bug section forum and then banned me for doing so afterwards.

It has reached a point where people don’t buy your excuses anymore.


That is absolutely against our policy. May I ask who told you to post exploits on the forums?
There is a reason we have Exploit Hunters in place.

You don’t need a monthly subscription to provide money for ONE person to spend some time every couple days to go through the exploits that are reported on servers and deal with them. If any player can log into single player and teleport to and area to test something in a few minutes, an admin could surely do the same thing.

People aren’t asking for admins 24/7. They want someone to actually ACT on these exploiters and cheaters when there are reports on them.


Firstly thankyou to jens and Tascha for the response,
some valid replies from the community here, i play maybe 4 servers a time at most as it gets a little hard to deal with attacking exploiters on a daily basis especially when they have been DUPING.
we can only farm and kill so much.
the server ping limit seems to be only applicable on connection to server, if it were constant it would most likely solve the lag exploiting in pvp.

if you want a list of co-ordinates and servers where the undermesh bases are located including player names - clan names and steam names please feel free and I will list.

I am not reporting to exploit hunters any longer as we dont really see a reply.

im also that one person who messages nicole with glitch locations, exploit descriptions and cheaters names steam ids, ect.

I am aware it would be a full time job if each server were monitored 24/7 but we are not asking for that, just some action against cheaters / exploiters an fixes for terrain exploits / undermesh bases.

with the co-ordinates would be the same for every server. and a person could teleport to each one and delete the base. they do not deserve to keep the gear if they are exploiting/undermeshing. please can we have just a few minutes of support from an admin when it is reported?


I posted the anonymized screenshot of the email a while back. It was signed by: Funcom Support or the likes in general

edit: added screenshot

edit: But to the core of my posting: the official servers don’t need admins - i understand very well that you cannot provide these. But what is feasible and rather easy to do (with some error margin that needs to be investigated then) is to have serverside checks in place - esp. for the undermeshing problem which THE ONE BIG longtime problem. The second one: DUPING - can also be handled automatically.

edit: removed screenshot again, no need for it to be here anymore

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We are on the case(s). I know you are feeling that we are not addressing these issues fast enough and that is understandable. We do have dedicated people to look at reports but that doesn’t change the fact that we also have to assign people to fix the exploits together with all other issues that get reported by the community.

With that said - we do feel that there is always room for improvement and we are working on giving you better feedback regarding exploits and re-prioritizing a lot going forward. That doesn’t mean exploits are of highest priority but sometimes it’s weighing high priority against high priority issues :slight_smile:

Our public board with issues and what we are working on is going to be available within the next few days too.

@boobybay really sorry. That looks like a misunderstanding. Support knows that we are not allowed to have exploits on the forums. I’ll make sure to check with them so everyone is on the same page though.

……what could be more important then fixing exploits?


Bugs that Crash the servers.

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Well, I can agree with that. I guess that means you can crash by fighting the Well of Skelos Boss again then…

Thanks for you’re answer. I know you’re having a tough time. On the other hand - our ppl didn’t leave the game because of crashing servers, but because our playtime of 5 months was wasted by others using core mechanic breaking exploits.

Walk safe guys, we’ll look into the game in a year or two, to see if your policies improved.


I think it’s time I follow you out the door as well. There just seem to be to many bad decisions being made that alienate the majority of players who play within the rules. Jen and tasha have done a great job in keeping the player base informed weather we liked the outcomes or not and for that i’m grateful but it’s become just to much of a hassle to play this game anymore unfortunately. There really seems to be not a glimmer of hope on the horizon anymore like there was before. You asked for patience and I for one have been playing since the second it was released on beta and have been incredibly supportive and patient but one can only be patient for so long. I wish everyone luck and hope that at some point this game reaches it’s great potential.