What to do when you find people using exploit?

I played Conan exiles (PC-Official) once again after a bad experience on a server that after 2 weeks put the GREAT WALL to prevent access.

This new beginning
For 2 months was great, the great clans did not abuse new players, there was war between different clans. a good PVP.

But for 2 weeks A clan appeared and raideo to all the great clans without needing to exploit the entrances through the use of some type of hack / Exploit. After 2 days these cheats were not reconnected.

But yesterday they returned but with another Clan name.This time I was the victim and luckily I was connected to try to defend myself but my surprise was that they are inside my house without breaking anything. So while they broke my house inside without being able to do anything, I decided to look like they did and I found sandstone foundations and in them a drawbridge … and near them a map room but the foundations could not be seen…

Then investigated by YT and other sites … and it was a damn exploit. I asked them why they were using traps and they replied that it is not bandable and that I wasted time getting in touch with Steam or Funcom.

Is this so? Have I wasted my time doing this? What should I do?

I just have someone from FUNCOM answer me and tell me if this will solve it, and I mean people, the exploit will always appear but if there is no punishment for these people I would like to know.

Sry for me English :frowning:

(I have photos of their structures to enter under the ground and their ID if it helps. I will not put them even if this is illegal to post … but it would be funny if they punished me for wanting to punish some cheats)


You’ll want to DM with @Ignasi or @Hugo about this.


This is why I recommend playing on private/unofficial server instead. They usually have active admins who will monitor actively these kinds of things. Funcom don’t police official servers so hackers and exploiters get away with a lot there, but on private servers it doesnt matter what Funcoms rules are, if someone is using an exploit that is unfair to others the Admin can make the decision to still ban them and return the stuff that was lost.

I see all the time people talking about cheaters on official servers and a lot of the time nothing is done about it. Funcom just patch the exploits as best they can. But on the private server I play on the Admin will reply within the first few hours of you reporting something and if he finds the person is cheating they will ban them right away and let you get back what they took from you.

Unofficial servers with active admins are like having a sheriff in town, official servers meanwhile are like lawless slums where anarchy reigns supreme. My advice is try unofficial servers and enjoy having less cheaters and exploiters around 8).


I have same problem on Ps4 Official server, it’s really sad. I have a video on as evidence, but my account here is new on forum. Need help.

I suggest you take a look here- Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
This will explain what can be reported, and how to report it.

I hope that helps

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Hi sir, i’ve been looking on how to report a cheating or exploit player on my official pvp server…been looking around on how to dm the developer…

Don’t dm to moderators about it, that’s wrong information.

If You witness violation of Terms of conduct - you SHOULD report it on Funcom Zendesk - but please attach as many evidence as possible, recommended to RECORD ingame footage via nvidia shadowplay for example (it’s very easy) - report without valid evidence will not help and may cripple another reports.

Hey there,

As per our current official server guidelines, please use the Zendesk platform to report infractions.
Here’s our official server rules, hosted on Zendesk:

We’ll proceed to close this thread as it is a few years old by now and includes old procedures which may lead to confusion.

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