Do players get punished for using exploits if you provide proof?

Hello, I play Conan Exiles on Xbox One. Im wondering if theres a way to get a player punished for using exploits , i have video proof, a video that they actually recorded themselves and posted online. The guy and his clan all was running the 50 all stats exploit for at least a week taking advantage of it, greifing my clan and friends on the server.

As far as I know Funcom does not moderate official servers at all. Their responses to that kind of behavior usually end up something like “find a new server” I could be wrong though.

Yea that sucks if thats the case, only reason i asked is because the guy has video of himself using it. and its public for everyone to see.

Nope, Conan Exiles does not moderate their game.

this was posted 3hrs ago but FUncom claims this was patched on the last big patch. If you see an exploit you might as well just join the clan exploiting, have them terach you how to do it and then tell funcom how the exploit is achieved thus getting paid for providing them with helpful exploit proof and concept. If you cant punish the exploiters might as well amke a buck off their creativity.

I know I posted about not being able to get a exploit to work. Someone told me how and I was doing it right just have to find the right time to do it. I was sent message not to post how to do exploit or do them. I need to report to a certain page. I replied why not nothing gets done to fix them not to stop people from using them so why not level the playing field. They replied we don’t want everyone using the exploits we are trying to get them fixed. So my thinking was no punishment is done they just don’t want everyone to know how to use them.

Private servers do.

Official do not.

I believe the only way they’ll be punished is when the exploit is removed.
When that’s accomplished, go have a field day on their heads.

If people start putting the exploits on YouTube they will get fixed fast. Funcom doesn’t care if a select few use them to troll people. But if everyone has access to the exploits they fix them. Take for instance the max stats glitch. Lots of complaints no fix the min someone posted on YouTube how to do it the next week it was patched. That’s just one of many I can name.

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Was fixed during EA but come back to the game again. Still ingame.

your 100% correct on this . we had exlpoit hackers and had admin control and we where told find another server or play private server or leave.

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