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Does anyone know if funcom is implementing more fixes for under meshing for official pvp servers?, upcoming in it’s patches asap?.

Going to rant now…

I hope funcom is!, and that it locks these cheaters out of their glitched under meshed base and they lose every single darn thing!, and get banned!. It’s really ridiculous.

It’s crazy, that this is still such a major major exploit and problem in this game after about 2 years. I have reported weeks ago a clan in pvp official 3209 that are using these exploits and they are still there, with their base, gaining members, having a good ole’ cheatin’ time, griefing most in our lobby man, it sucks frankly.

I have bought every dlc and supported this game, and I feel like my voice is not being heard, and It’s very disheartening.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.try to play conan legit
2. Get harrassed.
3. Cannot fight back, due to exploiters.
4. Rage quit out of frustration.


Check testlive patch notes.

Hello @Babyfacekane, as we have mentioned to you through previously exchanged PMs, our developers are working on measures against undermeshing exploits, which should be released in a future patch.

We’ve also noted that it could take up to several days for our team to be able to look into player reports, and how it’s against our guidelines to report exploits or accuse other players in our forums, so please refrain from doing it as you were already made aware of the forum rules.

As Multigun has mentioned, it has been brought up in the current testlive patch notes, which you can check out below: