Obvious Exploiter(s) on our Server


Hello there,

we have a problem with a Russian Clan on our Server. We already lost 1 alliance Partner, which were in complete 5-6 people, due to strange incidents with these guys. The biggest Alpha Clan on this Server even has no chance against them in normal 1:1 due to them have everything, all the time and more sight on the things than you normally would have.

Server : 1082 PVP
Charname : mow v2.0
Steam-ID: ruski
Clan : USSR
Reason : Usage of Cheats / Exploits / Glitches

i am playing with a group of players conan exiles now since launch, it was good fun until now and we already spent alot time on the Official, from you hosted, PVP-Server.
We already were able to defend, or atleast sit out with good defending, against bigger groups so we were capable of going on. We had some losses, but the Time was fun and we felt still able to play on the official pvp servers.
But now Exploiters come and destroy the whole gameplay on this, and with a high probability also on other Official servers already.

We already have evidence that he uses willfully exploits and glitches and doesn’t care about it, cause there was no penalty for him so far.
I made a Screenshot of the conversation we had with him after our alliance mates, that now left the game due to this exploiters, spoke to him about his Glitch Base under the Bridge of the Betrayer.
Funcom released a Patch that fixed the Texture Glitch, so the base was still there, but he couldn’t enter inside the mesh.
So we asked him what he thinks about this and gonna do next.

look screenshot:

He agrees to have used this glitch, but also tells us the same way he has way more of these and doesn’t care about using such exploits , so he will go on like this in future.
A few time after this he also told us that he doesn’t care about a VAC Ban from Steam, cause he just can make a new account.
!!!He already is VAC Banned!!! and other several teammates had also in the past bans + there were several comments in the profiles were they were accused of hacking,cheating ,etc. , that might be different games but tells us a little more about these people

We already tried to wipe the Base of this Clan with nearly half of the Server’s people, cause all were already involved in some way with this problem.
They use the glitch where you can place 6 walls on the same size as 1 foundation, so it took time , but we got in and then there was nothing, cause they dumped all his stuff in a safe underwater , just underneath the base…

Noticable at this fight was, when you focus him, and sometimes also one of his mates (Charname : Joker_In_Games ; SteamID: Joker_In_Games ) your whole Game started to lag! Several others of them showed the same issue ,but only when they were regenerating life.
This happened at this time only with members of this Clan!
A good point that mow is using cheats was the Servercrash at 10pm, normally everyone gets kicked with 10-15minutes from battleeye (due to connection loss) with the message “kicked by battleeye”, just not mow, he was online, nearly until the moment the server restarted as we watched in battlemetric.
We checked against by joining the server if the metric’s were stuck, but it showed us connecting, for 1 minute , and then leaving again cause the server would not let you connect completly due to the crash. Just he was online all the time!

I’m writing this issue also for the reason that there were other strange incidents.
One night at 4am in the morning, where only 5-10 people were online, I ported with all the stuff for our new base to an obelisk.
I walked a short distance , and suddenly there was the mentioned player behind me. So what are the chances of this happening, exactly at this time, with this loot and on this big map when their mainbase was in the complete other direction?
He tried to kill me , but I reacted quickly and just build a safe, put my stuff in and tried to fight him. No chance, he nakedly! one-hitted me like he does nearly all the time, damage to him was nearly 0 even with the king’s spear(but I was farming skill, so this was a little bit obvious, still he was naked and I had atleast good light armor…)

We already asked ourselves why these people were able to fight at night that good as there was no night and why they always can see enemies better than friends, even with the same armor.
Our people always needed to go nearly next to a player to check if he’s enemy or not, cause we sometimes had the same armor, but they had no problem with this even in big fights with 10-15 players.
Also they always attacked the player with the lowest hp, instantly, even in big fights.

So I googled a little bit and searched for tools that would let you see name, loot, life and avoid the night time.
I wasn’t happy with what I found…
Example of the possibilites of a Cheat-System(0:20-0:30 ca.):

There are really wallhack type of hacks available , and they seem pretty fresh and updated , have nearly all the same target with which explot they use, and got all the above mentioned stuff.
Especially the ESP allows you to look through walls, see life, stamina and even loot!
Another thing we asked ourselves was how he found all our bed rolls on the raiding night, even if they were good hidden in bushes etc … all in one row.
Also he was able to find loot in a pile of corpses, while normal players needed to look through every single one to find these.

I think without Intervention the Official Servers might die one day, especially PVP cause the time to archieve stuff is way higher there.

I already told Funcom that I would help you guys with Administrating Servers or just doing BetaTesting. I good a background in Systemadministration , so I know the stuff a little bit.

Really hope that there can be something done here and the player gets his fair punishment, the evidence is strong and with me are 20 players atleast that feel something is suspicious there.
A simple Serveradmin that looks through this Server, and especially checks these players, would be enough already.
The player is almost all time online, and you can especially see some of the issues good at PVP Times, as he is not afraid to use his tricks there also.

Today the Russians stacked up their people to around 10 ppl, and again some of their Steam Profiles tells us no good, again there are accuses of them beeing cheaters, hackers…
If we don’t Survive and can’t defend with the biggest Clan here today, the Server might loose 20-30 of their most active Players, and propably won’t see them again on the Official Server’s of Conan , it’s just too much waste of time when dudes destroy your stuff within minutes by exploiting everything they know of or find.

Best Regrets

Another notice : The Clan who we was fightning with us at first, the 5-6 people that already left after the raid on the russians, told us that on the next day the mentioned player was flying INTO their base and exploding it from inside out.
Our other Alliance Mates also told us that the mentioned player was coming from ABOVE to their base also!

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