Serious question - but what level of cheating/duping does it need to get to before you'll consider wiping an official server?

Ours is literally overrun by dupers. The only plus side is that by everyone knowing how to do it, the server population is thriving at 6am - aka restart time. As someone who doesn’t and won’t ever cheat, my only option is to stop playing until it’s resolved.

But i ask you - what needs to happen before you’ll consider fixing this? What makes a server Official exactly if there’s no actual cheat control? I’ve been playing since the first day of early access and this takes the cake as far as cheating goes.

I implore you to do something about it.


In all that time since early access and launch, you’ve never ventured out to try a player run server?

Or, maybe try something off official?

Your not enjoying the one free online option of officials, all right, well there are a multitude of other optional and just as free servers out there to try that offer more moderation. And plenty of people here, or on the unofficial Discord, that would be happy to help you look for a server that is a fit for you. So why are you not considering those?

I’ve spent a lot of time on non-official servers too but that’s not what i’m asking here.

Alright, so you have an alternative, have experienced the alternative, so why are you not on the alternative?

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Because I am asking about an official server that’s become overrun with dupers. Thanks for your interest but your stating the obvious isn’t the answers I’m looking for here.


While I can empathise with the issues of playing on an unmoderated official server, as I still do myself despite running a server and playing on several privates. I cannot understand how there is much of an issue needing pressing attention from Funcom to resolve, especially as there are various working alternatives that you also agree exist, and have worked for you.

You’re about 1 chromosome away from a potato if you honestly think rampant undermesh and duping in a region doesn’t warrant attention from Funcom on their official servers.

Not all regions have good populated unofficial servers without admins abuse.


You don’t see rampant duping as an issue that Funcom needs to address? Where whole swathes of people are logging in at 6am each morning, knowing that’s when the server restart is going to occur, ready with their little routine? How even players who wouldn’t normally dupe are doing so in order to defend themselves and deal with clans who are hitting them night after night with duped items?

When does it become something that requires attention? When does that fragile ecosystem that is an active Official server transform into something that are giant stockpiles of duped items, completely ruining the experience for anyone who dares play the game legitimately, or worse, dares to have integrity.

And the issue here - there are little to no altenatives even if an unofficial was desirable at this point. Should a group of players move servers and establish a new active playerbase, these pricks simply follow - all of this exasperated by the rampant use of alts.

No - i believe it’s time Funcom took a more hands on approach to dealing with these issues than simply accepting that Officials are left to their own devices. I accept that Officials are lawless - that’s why they appeal to me having also experienced numerous incidents of admin abuse elsewhere. My issue isnt with the lawless nature of Officials, my issue is when they become dominated by cheating. I’ve only mentioned duping here - I haven’t also described the undermeshing, the stat abusers, the continual stamina related exploits and our old favourite, floating treb towers. All of them have been on this server lately.

It’s time Funcom took action in not only fixing this mess - but considering that maybe, just maybe, it’s in their own best interests to periodically wipe them also - so there is such a thing as a reasonably level playing field, and the masses of ancient duped god tokens which still persist until present, are handled. I can only imagine the numbers of jars & thralls that are sitting idle in some alt #14’s inventory just waiting for a rainy day.

At the very least 1. randomise server restart times so people can’t use them as a means of duping. 2. Limit/disable alt useage so these people who are cheating can’t hide under new guises.


Funcom tried this and there was great outrage by the RP community.


Every single unofficial server admin is some region is power abusive? You literally invoke someone having potato logic in your first sentence, then follow up with this.

Have you maybe considered that perhaps, just perhaps, if every single unofficial admin server in a region has come across as power abusive to you, that your problem lies a bit closer to home, like in the chair you’re sitting in?

Outrage, why that was all about ‘safety’ if I recall right.

But yeah, some of us cheered when family share was turned off with regard to the effect it would have had on cheaters. And knew exactly what would happen with it being turned back on.

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yeah this game is pretty dead man
not all countries have a lot of servers with players official or unofficial and i know i dont want to waste my time on an admin server where they can get bored and close it, spawn stuff for themselves and friends

I don’t agree that official servers should be wiped because of ppls time, but this question makes total sense.

This is a very good question, and even with BattleEye, it is still possible to cheat. I know no game is cheat free, but it is funny that Funcom wanted to give us official servers without admin, and yet take no action against cheaters even with video proof unless you’re very lucky on their premium mood day.

Dont get me wrong, we still have support from the CM’s, and they’re very helpful, but again, officials thrown into old west stage with no xerif and giving us the excuse that there is no subscription explaining the reason for absent admin, comes in my mind three words and a number, ArenaNet Guild Wars 2, same stage, but very successful development and management wise.

I dont want to compare company power, only politics and the reason behind it, so I complement Decado’s question.

Why offer official servers without admin control with not 100% anti cheat and gamebreaking glitches takes so long to be fixed ?

you ask what it will take to wipe officials? all bugs, glitches, exploits being fixed. else we have to wipe every other month.

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Yep. All these calls for wipes are failing to understand that wiping would be like peeing your pants because you’re cold. It would help very momentarily, and then you’d be even worse off.


Are you one of these fuen idiots who always just try to beat around the bush, the official servers are fued due to duping & exploiting, disable the gods until these developers can find someone able to fix it, they just seem so ignorant to the fact that this is happening, you seem to think oh theres a alternative well no there aint for some people officials are the only option.

Combine this with the fact the servers from Gportal are trash its no wonder they aint bothering fixing stuff they just trying to squeeze some more $$ from trash DLC.

Wiping the official servers because of dupes will set a precedence to what will happen the next time a dupe exploit is exposed by patches- which definitely will happen again.

If people are fine with regular wipes then go unofficial.

I consider official servers at this point to have “seasonal events” which are basically the bug of the month.

Stamina bug javelin, dismantling bench bug etc etc etc.

Every season has it’s fun shenanigans that you can choose to partake in or not.

It may not be intentional, but it’s the only way to think and see it this way to stop yourself from going insane.


Exactly no point wiping anything until they are sure they have fixed all dupes/exploits, but for now they are turn off the gods because you can easily hide them & the coins are easily duped at server restart.


Yeah okay I can get behind that sentiment, what server are you on by the way
? I’m thinking of having some fun god duping shenanigans hehe.

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You’re right, for you there is no alternative. There will never be an alternative. Because you basically are incapable of helping yourself, and just wanna believe that you’re a victim of some sort surrounded by others at fault and wallow in your own discontent.

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op wants wipes though, not gods to be disbaled. pretty much all reputable private pvp servers have them disabled for one or another reason. but if you want regular wipes, ban for cheaters and no gods, private servers have it covered pretty well.