PVP Official Servers - paid cheats make them unplayable

As a player with a lot of time in this game (7.5k hours) I have to say the state of the game has never been better. I always play officials. My teammates also play officials. We tend to fall into the same pattern over and over again. We show up to a server with a decent pop. Play to a point where things are good and competitive then once the pop goes up (usually around high 20’s low 30’s) BOOM the cheaters show up.

We were just on 1945, an active team of 9-went great for about three weeks. Then boom one cheater shows up and wipes the 10-man clan we were fighting. Then a team of two different cheaters show up and in one day wipe our entire team and base. They lagged switched, super fast, no stam loss, and hit from a huge distance. All the paid cheats. Left gear, just killed us blew everything up, and left.

Even our near-empty home server 1653 got entirely wiped by two cheaters who are known for it.

At this point it sucks, we are at a total loss. Don’t know if Funcom is aware, but I hope they read this because it has caused us to quit the game. Really is too bad, game is awesome right now with all the changes and updates they made. But it has Battlefield like cheater problems. Some talk of going to a private server for admin moderation, but those have their own issues.

Idk Funcom how you fix this, but its a real problem. I have a feeling anyone reading this has probably experienced this issue.


They’ll try not to reply.


It comes in waves. Once BattleEye gets updated the cheat programmers have to go back to the drawing board and rework what BE fixed. Sometimes it takes very little sometimes we have weeks of reprieve.

Ultimately Funcom is not concerned with cheaters. If they were, it wouldn’t take 3 weeks to over a month with undeniable proof, to action on an account through Zendesk.

But WHAT does it matter? Depending on where you purchase, you can get accounts for as little as $2 american. That’s the price of your stupid coffee from a shop down the road.

So we can hope BE does it’s job, eventually, and get keep reporting with little difference. The whole reporting process, enforcement and ToC is a gigantic mess as it is.

BE needs to be better. After the 2nd or 3rd register of an anomaly it should auto-ban the account. Not allow cheaters with speed hacks, hitbox pulling, looking inside locked containers and placing explosives through mesh/build pieces to run rampant for weeks, multiple hours per day completely and utterly taking the wind out of the sails of the few groups left.

You know what too? It’s crazy to think that people get THIS worked up about the game that they actually do the whole “hacker for hire” bit… or talk to the friend of a friend of a friend that knows how to get the sub and pay the $$$ to get their few days worth of “revenge”.

Because that’s all it is now. It’s not like they can really hoard and transfer the loot for $$$ anymore.

Funcom needs to do better. On so many things.


Well said. I too am confused by the motive of folks wanting to spend real $ to cheat in this game. Especially when it is so easy now to farm huge amounts of bombs and just wait for folks to be offline to wipe them (seems to be the current meta in my experience).

To your point about $2 accounts, I’ve heard that there are actual internet cafes that advertise cheats in order to get customers… Crazy


That is really screwed up. We play pve-c and pve. Don’t need to cheat just to ruin some one’s day. @Octavian Can watch the news for that.


The problem comes from the fact that Funcom has not been reactive since the beginning of Conan Exiles.
The registered rules Prevent the abuses and allow players to evolve in a serene environment are too confused and ready to interprets .
moreover in the last FunCom to decide to change some of these rules .
From the moment you are not clear on the coal and reactive : cheaters and troll arrives .

Look at what is happening on GTA5 and Call of Dutty , The menus mods are running on GTA and the Lhoby server are the majority casi on call of.
Comm, e Rockstar or Activision, Funcom has not understood the magnitude of the threat : the cheaters scare the players and therefore the customers !!!


If it gets to bad we will retreat back to our own server. Really hope it doesn’t come to that. On Playstation. Probably worse on PC.


The motive for these people doing this is easy. It’s not win the game or to be the best, it’s to make the honest players mad, frustrated and to quit. To them “we” are the game.

It’s the same in every game out there.


True it gives them a false sense of accomplishment and in their minds we are just being dumb for not using the cheats…


The Battleeye point is a good one-like where the hell is that?! Isn’t the whole point of that is to stop client-side manipulation of values? So glad I have to install it. What a piece of sh*t.

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This is one of the major issues I find, 1-2 days to destroy a whole server 3 weeks for any action, 4 euros for a new account.

2 things I would love to see is Mac Hardware ID bans, and some kind of identity credit card verification system to play on official servers or “trusted servers” but that wont ever happen with funcom, we get all the downside of a live service and none of the upside.

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You’re right. Why would they prevent people from buying the game again and again?
They’re squeezing every little bit of money they can, regardless of ethics :notlikethis:

Wich also is good since many is getting false banned. Me included.

Untill they have a better team that look over reports they should never have that.

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This is tough because a lot of these alt accounts are pre-purchased by resellers on places like cdkeys. Which means Funcom already got their money for that.

But, there are other cheap methods that do purchase directly…

So it’s kind of a feeling where yes that is something to be considered but it’s not enough to warrant inaction, imo.

I just think they do not care or do not know how to fix this.

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