Question about cheaters

Many official pvp servers use speedhack. It is used both for collecting resources and in the pvp itself. This affects every official pvp server, the question of time when cheaters play there. They directly openly use it without fear of punishment. Inaction on the part of justice and despair of players lead to leaving the game, changing servers, or they themselves begin to use speedhack and other cheats, because there is no other way to survive on the official server. Question: how to deal with this problem ? Can we all start using cheats ?

If you have any videos or other details, please DM Funcom about it.


While disappointing, cheating should not be your go to. You need to message Funcom using their policies and if that continues without result I would suggest maybe following up with the BBB they seem to respond swiftly there.

I am new to the Funcom Forums, How do you DM the admin?

Welcome @keifcamber,

Click on the avatar of an admin and you will see a “message” button. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to read the posts, by Funcom, that are pinned. @Hugo or @Ignasi may contact you directly.

Thank you, I will try that.

Since your forum account is new, this may be helpful:

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P.S. @CodeMage Thank you.


Bueno en mi servidor oficial donde yo juego nos han construido por toda nuestra base y provocando mucho lag

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