Glitcher on #1313

So, we habe a glitcher in Server 1313 who is able to glitch inside every base and at first he was only stealing stuff out of fridges but now he is even able to place bombs inside the base.

All our structure is safe, he came inside without destroying anything and as for now I’m getting sick and tired of all the problems we have with cheater and glitcher. How can it be that I’m playing to protect my base as good as possible, build a good base, level a lot thralls to 20, activate a god bubble and its still worth nothing cause some random dudes just glitch inside to get it. I know its holiday season but this is just so frustrating so please take care of this as soon as possible.

Anyways merry christmas.

Hi @therryy, I just posted similar language elsewhere – due to the no naming and shaming rule by which we all abide, would you please edit out the names of the alleged culprits? This will keep your post from being hidden, and preserve the necessary information flow of incoming glitch reports.


Well no I cant cause I’m also celebrating Christmas and I just improvised with the thread because i dont wanna loose everything to a glitcher. So no for now I cant.

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