Removing all options for Asian players wanting conflict servers

It has been requested many times, yet nothing.
I was forced to play on an Oceanic PvC server.
Those servers now ping 200+. (140 max ping)
Yet again, no Asian conflict servers.
Now i’m forced to play on an american server.
Yet again, you fk me over,
Now, after the patch, when I log on, its goes to a loading screen and then pops up a “your ping is to high”
and the game basically sits on that screen forever. (cant get back to the menu, have to use Task Manager)

Guess I am done now, I have no options other then go solo on a Chinese gankfest server if i want some
pvp. Tried it, its not as fun as it sounds.

Yes, after the last patch when receiving the message “Ping too high” the loading screen stays and you have to Alt Ctrl Del to get out. I’m in the same situation, playing in American PVE-C and usually have to keep trying to join the game under the required ping 9 or 10 times before I get in. Now I have to crash and load the game between attempts. It’s gonna take me ages now to get in the game. Why why why!!? This is really a BIG problem.

Basically impossible now. I dont even understand why it has to check it many times, my ping fluctuates between 120-160 connecting to an american server for PvC. Wish I had the option to play an Asian PvC server, but we all know those dont exist.

They have them but not official ones. I joined one and got booted off without a word after playing 3 hours. If you can’t speak cn you’re fooked. Though there are a couple of Japanese servers and a few Korean players around. U in Asia too?

I am, Japan. Did the Asian PvP, had 3 chinese level 60s trashing my entire base when I was level 20 and my base was in the middle of nowhere in the jungle region. Tried 3 separate servers, always the same result. This is common practice for Chinese players, to grief anyone not chinese. I guess when you live in the dirtiest country in the world, you get a bit bitter.

PC Exiles of Asia. find it. youll not regret.

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