PVE Conflict, where have the asian servers gone?

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Been 4 days and asian official server 4074 is still not back online, is that it? Time to play something else? Can anyone bring some light to this issue? Thanks.

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Server 4067 is down also

The Asian server host has not updated server to match game

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Yes, have the same problem and it starts to be long

how come asia region is the only servers that are having tthis trouble? mabe qe should being those servers back home? apparently this is a pattern and they have no clue how to update servers or they simply dont care. this is the second patch in a row that these servers have taken days to come back up.

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Asia servers still down for ps4 pve conflict cant find my server 4118 been 4 days

Yep, im also on 4118

There was a comment in another thread that the servers won’t be updated during the 10 day holiday that’s happening because of the new emperor in Japan.

I think that’s kinda nuts but there’s probably little Funcom can do about it. I don’t think there was any warning that the current emperor was going to abdicate.

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Don’t think that should effect the whole of Asian servers though, it’s a big place not just Japan… also side note due to this I had made a EU game PVE I’ve been playing for a couple of days in wait of the asian server coming back online and now that’s not showing up too, really starting to get annoyed at this early access crap funcom sort it out with g portal… at this rate I won’t be trying any other future games.

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It is very interesting that Funcom apparently does not give a F… and is unable to comment this topic. Good Job Bois !!! As Always. Oh yes, I forgot that you already have my money. Sorry my fault :joy::joy::joy:

Interesting post from another portal: contacted gportal and at least they answered quickly (funcom has been ignoring all asian server players for 3 days now) and gportal said that they are only in charge of the private servers, that any official server issue i should take it up to funcom. And even if it is gportals issue i didnt buy gportals game i bought funcoms game. I shouldnt have to be running about asking third parties just because the developers decided to use their services.

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Thanks for the update, if they are still down tomorrow I will be emailing funcom

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Hey all, the Asian servers are up and can be accessed by anyone with Conan Outcasts. However, these servers are on a previous build due to a big Japanese Holidays and everyone with Conan Exiles can’t access them until our Japanese partner is able to patch them. I super apologize for the inconvenience!

Maybe it would have been smarter to wait with the update, especially because this update just worsened things. Furthermore, the holidays in Japan were not new to you. So again excuses from you who do not help.

im not defending them, but apparently its because a new emporer took place so they shut the country down for 10 days which is crazy. and it happened suddenly with lil warning.

however it is now the day after the 10 day holiday is suppose to be over. and its about 1pm may 7th. where are our servers? i know i have things dead already and any longer and im going to lose over 300 hours of work to no fault of my own. now i would be alright if it was my fault, but is not and im pretty sure funcom’s policy is gonna be.

sorry bout your luck guy!

outcast is the japanese version of conan exiles. same game different name (incase anyone didn’t know) anyone outside of Japan is having these issues

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this terrible situtation brings great shame upon my clan!

Same issue here. PVE-C official server 4089 in Asia region still invalid

When will the servers be restored? Tell us, rather than apologize without even being restored.So I reiterate my question, WHEN will you do the necessary to restore Asian servers?

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call your Asian partner or I do not know what but I know that I do not want to lose everything for certain negligence

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Don’t get your hope up mate. It took them 4 days to get a mediocre response.